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    'One Born Every Minute' baby names

    For those of you who don't know what 'One Born Every Minute' is, it's a television programme on Channel 4 in the UK about a maternity ward in a hospital. The programme is currently on episode 4 of the series, & I've noted down the names that have been given to babies, as well as any reasons given.

    Jessica Cicely & Clara Jane (Twins)


    Chloe Suzanne (Mother is called Susan - may be where they got Suzanne? Older brother is called James)

    India (Older brother is called Woody)

    Dexter (Dad wanted to call him Zeus, but Mum was having none of it! Dexter's older siblings = Lily, Lola & Finley)

    Wilbert & Caitlin (Twins)

    Daniel (Older siblings = Brandon & Ebony)


    Jacob (Mum briefly changed name to Thomas whilst in hospital, but went back to Jacob)

    Riley James

    Cosmo (b) (Cosmo is named after an XBOX game that the Dad played. Older siblings = Alyssa, Riley & Shikara (sp?). Alyssa is named after a character from Charmed, Riley is named after the snooker tables as his Dad loves snooker, & Shikara is named after a yacht that the parents saw on TV whilst pregnant with her)

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    I was going to do a post about OBEM, at the end of the series. Ah well, great minds think alike. :P My favourites are definitely Clara Jane, and Edith for girls, and Cosmo and Wilbert are really interesting as well. I quite like India, but only really for the nn Indie.
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    I have to admit watching OBEM sometimes just for the names.

    I saw the Dexter birth, didn't Zeus get middle-name'd? I like Daniel, Emma and Clara Jane, and Cosmo is great.
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    One Born Every Minute is a British observational documentary series which shows activities taking place in the labour ward.

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