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    Our rainbow baby arrived early!

    Little miss was due for a scheduled c-section on July 12, but decided to come on June 27. We named her Cecily Faye Patrice. Cecily is a name we both have always loved, and paired with Faye (another longtime favorite of mine, and a form of Faith), it means "blind faith." We thought we had lost her several times this pregnancy so her name is very meaningful. Her second middle name honors both grandmothers, Patricia and Theresa. I thought Pat + Theresa =Patrice. We are so in love with her and are ecstatic she is here!
    Emily Eileen
    .mommy to Vincent Harrison, Cecily Faye Patrice, and three special angels
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    Congratulations! She has such a beautiful name, packed full of meaning.
    Wholocked, history and chemistry loving teenberry (16).
    Hoping to be a mummy in the very distant future. Dreaming of...
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    Beautiful name! Congratulations

    little Mister due 22nd November 2014 <3
    Arthur Genji

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    Gorgeous! Congratulations!
    ~ Finally starting TTC October 2014! ~

    Austen Theodore|Elliott Hezekiah

    Charlotte Evangeline|Matilda Florence|Adelaide Elizabeth

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    Congratulations! What a gorgeous name you gave her!
    - Em
    Jameson Lewis debuting October 2nd!
    Ronan Charles | Asher Heath
    Lorelei Ruby | Hazel Marian | Nadia Laurel

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