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    In hospital .... need to choose our baby name - help!

    Our baby girl is born and we need to choose our name tonight for the birth certificate. We want a name that is feminine but a name that also evokes strength/intelligence. Love many of the top 100 names but would prefer a name not in the top 100. We also have son Dean Eliot so would like our daughters name to fit with his. Below is our final list (unless anyone has a different idea for us.) Would SOOOOO much appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!!!

    Reese Elizabeth
    Maeve Elizabeth (we would call her "Mae")
    Delaney Elizabeth
    Lila Elizabeth

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    I vote for Maeve Elizabeth! I also like Delaney Elizabeth, but with big brother Dean, I prefer Maeve.

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    Another vote for Maeve Elizabeth-- Dean and Mae are a sweet sibset!

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    Maeve or Lila would fit perfectly with brother Dean and also are exactly what you said you wanted in a name.

    Congratulations and good luck!

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    Maeve Elizabeth is beautiful and full of meaning, and Dean and Maeve sound nice together.
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