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Thread: Which Spelling?

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    I generally prefer the simpler more straightforward spelling.

    Sophia - the F looks too much like sofa to me.
    Isabelle/Isobel - both of these are fine. The o version would probably be misspelled a lot more, but it is very attractive.
    Scarlet - simple
    Holly - I don't like or get the -ie in this case.
    Annabel - simple
    Zoe - y is completely unnecessary and ruins a lovely name IMO
    Layla/Leila/Laila - I hate them all. And all the other versions of the same.
    Alesha/Alisha/Alecia/Alicia - same as Layla
    Amy - simple
    Abby - simple
    Hannah/Hanna/Hana - each has their place. The simpler spellings just have a more Scandinavian feel to me
    Katherine/Catherine - both are valid. I slightly prefer the K, but they're both fine. But they lead to Cathy/Kathy which I hate.
    Rachel - simple
    Lucy - no need to complicate a classic
    Ariana - simple
    Emily - no -ie
    Ashley - please no -eigh
    Briana - simple
    Juliet - simple
    Megan - blad 90's name, but if you're gonna use it make it as simple as possible
    Susannah - this is a rare case where I really love what the -h does for the overall look.
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