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    Awesome or terrible? (Sibsets you've heard)

    Our church directory came out this week, and I was looking through it for names. I didn't fall in love with any names I'd never seen before, but what I did notice were the sibsets. Some were great, some were terrible! So I'll list some here! Comment on which ones you like/dislike and why AND/OR post some awesome or terrible sibsets you've heard!

    Addison and Emersyn
    Gentry (boy) and Brinley
    Aydyn, Aysa, Briyley, Braylyn
    Kaili (girl) and Kailer (boy)
    Noelle and Nicolle
    Kynzi, Skylar, Landyn
    Jeyda and Fallyn
    Kyler, Karson, Harmonie, Joely, and Liberty
    Myranda, Lyndsay, Kylee
    Ascher, Abram, and Emmi
    Mylee and Maycee
    Ethiny, Silas, and Coraline

    Lindsey, Tiffany, Kristina, and Olivia
    Connor, McKenzie, and Lucy
    Grace, Meredith, and Hadley
    Eva, Hadley, and Nolan
    Landon, Andrew, and Jacob
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    I would love Addison and Emerson for sibling boys. I have both names on my boys' list.

    Noelle and Nicolle - I personally would not use Nicole, or like the spelling they chose, but Noelle and Nicolle make a decent sibling set.

    Eva, Hadley, and Nolan - my favorite set, except for Addison and Emerson if they are boys.

    Landon, Andrew, and Jacob - Nice set, I have Landon and Jacob on my list.
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    Lately I've heard

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    Heard a Hope and Faith yesterday..So twee and themey! Wasn't a fan at all.

    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
    Charles Joshua "Charlie", Theodore Samuel "Teddy", Elliott Daniel, Noah Zachary, James Oscar, Arthur Philip, Rowan Isaac.

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    Sibsets I like:
    Spencer & Avery (Niece & Nephew)
    Bo/Beau & Drew (Twin boys/my niece's playground friends. Not sure if Bo is a nickname or not)
    Ethan & Noah (playground friends)
    Harper & Emerson (Screenwriter/Director Shonda Rhymes' daughters-love this pair)
    Symphony & Cyrus (Sister & Brother-TV characters, Symphony is whimsical and lively but not something I would ever use)

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