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    Three names enter only one will survive ...

    Clayton vs Everett vs Clark

    All solid names that are fairly unique (uniqueness is important to us) that have good nicknames (well at least Clayton and Everett) and seem to age well.

    Our fear is that Everett may get too popular along the lines of Elliott and Emmett and that Clark is just too ordinary when compared to Clayton and Everett.
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    I like Everett better but Clayton is a handsome name too. I would go with Clayton, I feel it is more unique and that it will stay about the same as far popularity. I can see Everett getting much more popular!

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    If you're looking for unique I'd go with Clayton simply because I can foresee a few Everett's in his class/school. Both names are great so you can't go wrong either way!

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    Oh I really like them both! You can't go wrong. I agree that Clayton is probably more unique.
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    I prefer Everett. Clayton, to me is an old mans name.
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