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Thread: Beau?

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    I've been in love with this name for a while now, but I'm worried people will think it's too tacky, like naming a boy Handsome. What are your thoughts?
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    I don't think it's bad I just think the Beau spelling works best on a boy as it's at 64 on the top 100 in Australia for boys. I don't mind the Bo spelling on a girl as I know a girl with the name.
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    Beau is the French masculine word for handsome. Bo works for a girl, but not Beau.
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    My dad is named Beau....its not even an attractive sound for a girl. Belle is the feminine version if its the meaning you like, but no, I really don't suggest naming your daughter Beau. Not only will people assume she is a boy, the name Beau gets messed up all the time. My dad still gets letters addressed to Ben, Bean, Bow, etc.
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    I don't like it on a girl, fair enough as a nickname, but as a full name it seems a little odd. I struggle with Beau, as it is, I used to have a friend with the name. He was a class clown, a little reserved, but a great guy. He ended up getting quite depressed, actively trying to curse our classmates, refuse to respect school rules and after his sex change has since become Lily. I haven't seen him since, I love the name, I guess I just struggle because of my friend.
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