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    Surnames as first names ~ like/dislike?

    Love? Like? Dislike? Hate?

    I tend to find them mainly on boys, though there is the occasional girl.

    If you dislike surnames as first names is there a particular reason?

    If you like surnames as first names which ones do you like?
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    I love surnames as first names. I'm not a big fan of them on girls.
    My favorites are Bennett, Anderson, Carter, Parker, Logan, Lawson, Walker,
    Emerson, and York

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    I'm really not into the surnames-as-firsts trend at all. I'm not sure why I'm not keen on them least I can't explain it in words right now.
    & Emrys

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    For me it all depends on the name... I like the more unusual or less popular ones. So it's a case-by-case basis.
    I like Spencer for a girl... Cary for a boy... Baker for a boy... Sawyer for a boy...
    Jackson, Parker, Carter, Grayson, not so much.
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    It's not my style but I do like some of them, especially more for males. I like Dawson, Lincoln, Harrison, & Jackson. I also like surnames when they're used as a way to honor someone like the mothers maiden name.

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