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    Names suggested by grandmother!

    My granny has a great taste in names in my opinion and all of her children have lovely names (Seamus, Susannah, Bernadette to name a few).

    She is one of the few people I talk to about names because she gives her view but remains polite and she has some of the most amazing suggestions! She's so excited to be involved in the naming process (she even went out and bought a baby name book).

    Here are some that she suggested:
    Henrietta - apparently what my dad was supposed to be called if he were a girl

    I also love her name Sylvia Lilian, I just think it's a lovely name!

    Which would you use? DH and I are considering some ideas.
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    I would choose Willa Lilian. or Vera Lilianne.
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    I second the suggestion of Willa Lilian. I love your Grandmothers name! Would you consider using Sylvia or Sylvie as a first name? What about Sylvie Willa, Sylvie Henrietta, Lilian/Lillian Henrietta, Harriet Lilian or Etta Sylvie?
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    Your grandma has such lovely taste! How sweet that she wants to be involved. I love Willa but Willa Lillian is a little to much "ill" sound for me. But of course, family names trump flow in my opinion I really like to suggestion of Sylvie Henrietta. I also really like Orla. Orla Isobel maybe?
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    The remaining names...

    Orla - I like this Irish name until I see the teasing potential of when you change one letter and it becomes "orca". Sigh. I can also be spelled Orlaith but then you may run into pronunciation issues.
    Alannah - Alana is Honey Boo Boo's name
    Henrietta - I want to like this name because I'm a vintage name lover but something keeps holding me back. Maybe it's because the name sounds slightly confused - the boyish Henri with the frilly Etta.
    Lilian - I knew a bully named Lilian when I was growing up so I have a negative association with this name.
    All the best,

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