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    I'd go with Esther and call her Essie or Esti if I wanted her to have a nickname.

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    Oh how fun !

    If I were you, I'd only use honoring names if I truly loved them.

    My understanding is that Edith, Esther and Sally would be in style right now.

    The only name I personally don't like is Bonnie.
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    Esther is my favourite from you list.
    I think if I liked any name well enough that I would actually choose it even if the honored person wasn't dear to me (sometimes that's the charm of a name though), I'd go ahead and put in the first name spot.
    I think honoring names are great but I do want the child to have a name all for herself and not have a first name that I only like because someone I love has it, too.

    I think Lois could maybe become Louise? Bonnie and Sally could be nicknames for longer names.
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    I actually associate all of these (except Edith), with children, teenagers, or 30-40 year old adults. Lois I associate with the mum in Family Guy, I have a teenage friend called Esther, Bonnie was a little girl in Toy Story 3, Phyllis, one of the Railway Children, and Sally reminds me of Charlie Brown's little sister, and Sally Donavan from Sherlock. But I'd most likely think differently if I had/knew grandmas with one of those names. Anyway, I'd probably choose Edith or Sally. I really like Phyllis, but ever since someone pointed out what you get if you put a 'si' sound in front, I haven't been able to un-hear it.
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    Edith would be my choice.

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