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    I'm not a fan of "updating" honor names, so if I used any of them, it would be in the original form. Some of them I'd use in the middle, and some as firsts, but in general, I feel if a family member is still living when the child is born, the middle name is a better spot.

    Lois - Like it as a first or middle, as a first name you could call her Lou if you like nicknames.
    Esther - Love this name, first or middle.
    Bonnie - Not a big fan of this as a first name, but I think it could sound sweet in the middle.
    Phyllis - I can only think of The Office. This is the only one I wouldn't use, unless this was my favorite grandma ever.
    Sally - Love Sally as a first name, but it's hard to imagine it in the middle for some reason.
    Edith - Also adore this name. First or middle.

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    I know a 7 or 8 year old & an 11 year old named Esther. & an adorable 12 year old Bonnie. So to me, those seem very wearable as a little girl & an adult.
    I also really like Edith nn. Edie. I think Sally could work as well. I only know one older (grandma / great grandma age) Lois & Phyllis & I just can't imagine them on a little girl.
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    I don't like grandma names at all so they would have to be a middle name option.

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    Another vote for Edith nick-name Edie

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    Lois is my grandmother's name. I considered it with Lola as a nic. I also like Edith nn Edie a lot.

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