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    Thank you for your reply!

    Your similar names list:
    Clea- I like Clee-uh, but is also said like Clay-uh - Love this, especially pronounced Clay-uh.
    Anna- I like Anna but prefer Annie. I especially love Annie-Rose like in the Alfie stories but I feel the hyphenated Rose looks tacky.
    Flora- I do like this but don't love it enough thanks to the margarine and the Adams Family.
    Oriana- I like this
    Bea- said like bee- Love it, but we'd use Beatrix and shorten it
    Ruby- Don't like it
    Mya- Dislike Maya/Mya because in 50% of the main world religions it means delusion/evil and having studied religion this is all I think of!

    Some names you might like...
    Ilia- This is pretty
    Aya- said like eye-uh - Love it
    Ayla- again, eye-la. I like this a lot more than Isla - I love this but wonder if people will just assume I can't spell Isla.Niva
    Orion- Beautiful name but it's just having the guts to use it!
    Liora-Don't love it
    Laina- Love this. Also like Lane.
    Briar- I adore this but I don't know I'm confident enough to use it. It's gorgeous though.
    Livinia- Don't like it.
    Nola- Absolutely beautiful.
    Lola[/QUOTE]-Soso, I think it'll be incredibly popular really soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirstenlouise View Post
    I really love Juno and Blythe, thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsharris18 View Post
    Love Juniper but don't think I have the guts to go ahead, not that my OH would even agree! Nola is definitely a new favourite, thanks!

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