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    I think Azalea makes a lovely first name! Azalea Beatrix is wonderful. Beatrix Azalea is also beautiful--whichever order you choose would be fantastic!

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    I love Azalea as a first for that combo too, Azalea Beatrix is just lovely. Beatrix Azalea doesn't have as nice a flow IMO.
    Also love the sentiment behind the name, very sweet.
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    Azalea is fantastic whether it's in the first or middle slot. I'm a huge fan. Similar to you, my grandfather used to grow azaleas around his house so I have fond memories of them. Then there is also the song by Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington.

    Beatrix Azalea is very nice. Azalea Beatrix would work as well. My own Azalea combos are Azalea Kate, Azalea Josephine, and Esme Azalea. From your signature Azalea Vivian would be nice!
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    I like Azalea as a first and a middle. It was briefly my second favourite girls name. Now I've got it as a middle (Thessaly Azalea Autumn), and I think both Azalea Beatrix and Beatrix Azalea sound great! I slightly prefer Beatrix Azalea, because I love Beatrix so much more.
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    I like Azalea as a first name. Too bad iggy azalea is the reason to hate this name because she is awful and now people are gonna associate the name with her.

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