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    Help naming our little man

    Hi, guys!

    I need some advice. We are having our fifth child... Third boy. Here are some names we are considering. Middle name will be Robert after my late father (his first name) and grandfather (his middle name).

    Tate (DH says full name Tatum, but too many negative comments about it being a girl name. I don't really want a unisex name, but do like Tate...sounds masculine and has four letters which I four other kids have four letter names or nn)

    Ryan (too popular? I like unique names. But, has the four letters.)

    Grayson (again, becoming very popular. Gray for a nn)

    Vaughn (love the manly name, but no four letters. DH would insist on this spelling.)

    Name would have to go with Mikaela (Miki), Alexis (Lexi), Kobe, Cade.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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    I love the name Tatum for a boy. I think it's too masculine for a girl but I would never use it because it is mainly used for girls. But just Tate is very handsome too!

    Ryan is very dated to me. I think you have better options on your list.

    Grayson is getting popular but I think it's so handsome! I don't think it will get too much more popular then some of your other kids names though.

    Vaughn is my favorite of your choices. Very handsome, classy and unexpected!
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    Reid-love this.
    I agree with the comments from the above poster.
    current favorite names:



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    I don't like Tatum, but I do like Tate. I went to school with a boy named Tate. It's so uncommon but not unheard of, which is what I like.
    Ryan is fine. It seems overused.
    I love Grayson and would love to meet a baby Gray.
    I dislike Vaughn

    Out of your names It's between Tate and Grayson. I would go with Tate, its strong and masculine.

    Some suggestions:
    Andrew "Drew"
    Douglas "Doug"
    Jase- i like this name with your sibset
    Cory-also a fan of this one
    Weston "West"

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    How about going with Gray and drop the 'son' part of the new up and coming name. Also, Gage would go well with your other kiddos.

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