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Thread: thoughts on...

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    thoughts on...

    Bridget vs. Bridie?

    I love the name Bridie (BRY-dee), but will that age well? Or be annoying when she gets married? (Bridie the bride...) Does it sound or look too much like bird?
    I also like Bridget, but it doesn't seem feminine to me.
    Thoughts? Middle name suggestions?
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    I prefer Brigid to Bridget, but I dislike Bridie. I always have to second-look after misreading it as Birdie. I also always thought it was pronounced BRID-ie (the first syllable rhyming with Sid), which reminds me of bridles.
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    I dislike Br- names, though Brigid is nice. Bridie sounds like a very old woman, and Bridget, a cute little freckled girl.

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    Since Bridie is a nickname for Bridget/Brigid, so why not use Bridget and call her Bridie? Best of both worlds.

    As for middle name suggestions, I'm not sure I can be of much help there as we haven't been able to come up with one yet either! We're considering Helen, Adele, or Elsa at the moment, but we picked them for family reasons. Are you wanting an Irish middle name or something else?
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    If we have another...
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    Bridget has a lot of spirit and feminism and Bridie is cute and spunky, you could consider using Bridie as a nickname for Bridget as a win win situation! Other names you might like:

    Hope this helps!
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