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    Sister 1 (Older): Eleanor Zoey Drake
    DH: Brendan Lee Drake

    DS: Ian Callister 17
    DD/DD: Emma Keeley/Della Quincy 14
    DD: Vera Holly-Ann 9

    Sister 2 (You): Mabel Isobel Ames
    DH: Russell Edric Ames

    DD: Simone Wilhelmina 15
    DS: Orson Michael 8
    DS: Stellan Edwin 2

    Sister 3 (Your Twin): Grace Katarina Murphy
    DH: Adam Joshua Murphy

    DS/DS/DS: Vincent Preston, Tanner Duncan, Willem Landon 11
    DD: Coraline Faith 7

    Sister 4 (Younger): Whitney Alison Laramore
    DH: Penn Samuel Laramore

    DS: Rafael Quinn 8

    Sister 5 (Youngest): Claire Francesca Barclay
    DH: Victor Keane Barclay

    DD: Ivy Josephine 5
    DS: Flynn Nicolai 3
    DDto-be: Zadie Marceline

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    Sister 1: Heidi Eleanor Thacker
    DH: Victor Quinten Thacker

    DS: Vincent Duncan (17)
    DD/DD: Wilhelmina Ivy & Rosalinda Vera (14)
    DD: Gwen Zadie (9)

    Sister 2: Serena Priscille Ingersol
    DH: Ogden Brendan Ingersol

    DD: Belinda Noelle (15)
    DS: Brogan KellerBo” (8)
    DS: Callister WillemCal” (2)

    Sister 3: Olina Francesca Norton
    DH: Ivan Lee Norton

    DS/DS/DS: Stellan Flynn, Orson Zane, & Arvin Quinn (11)
    DD: Della Marceline (7)

    Sister 4: Naomi Mabel Osinski
    DH: Edric Glenn Osinski

    DS: Nicolai IanCole” (8)

    Sister 5: Brigitte Isobel Robinson
    DH: Milo Keane Robinson

    DD: Coraline Josephine (5)
    DS: Rafael Edwin (3)
    DD: Simone Olivia (nb)
    Eirawen Grey, Daenerys Raenye, Deirdre Tamora, and Eilonwy Colleen
    Severus Gerard, Tarragon Hugh, Gwydion Neil, Thorin Poe

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    Sister 1 (Older): Joanna Grace Sanders (née Palmer)
    DH: Noah Victor Sanders

    DS 17: Justin Callister Sanders
    DD/DD 14: Lacy Rosalinda Sanders & Gwen Marceline Sanders
    DD 9: Belinda Quincy Sanders


    Sister 2 (You): Isobel Francesca Zimmerman (née Palmer)
    DH: Brendan Keane Zimmerman

    DD 15: Olivia Zadie Zimmerman
    DS 8: Vincent Arvin Zimmerman
    DS 2: Rafael Orson Zimmerman


    Sister 3 (Your Twin): Eleanor Brigitte Norton (née Palmer)
    DH: Adam Daniel Norton

    DS/DS/DS 11: Ian Holt Norton, Flynn Keller Norton & Nicolai Zane Norton
    DD 7: Coraline Faith Norton


    Sister 4 (Younger): Naomi Katarina Laramore(née Palmer)
    DH: Samuel Cody Laramore

    DS 8: Duncan Edwin Laramore


    Sister 5 (Youngest): Danielle Heidi Fredreich (née Palmer)
    DH: Milo Zachariah Fredreich

    DD 5: Noelle Fredreich
    DS 3: Michael Stellan Fredreich
    DD to-be: Josephine Ivy Fredreich
    Jasmine Jana
    potterhead, whovian, gamer, name geek

    irish • brazillian • american

    Amelia ♦ Angelina ♦ Guinevere ♦ Maxine
    Benjamin ♦ Raphael ♦ Francisco ♦ Jasper

    Proud aunt of Robin June (3) & Zeus Franklin (1)

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    Sister 1's Family - Sanders
    DW: Isobel Brigitte
    DH: Adam Edric

    DS (17): Duncan Quinn
    DD/DD (14): Emma Faith & Ivy Simone
    DD (9): Ambrielle Lacy

    Sister 2's Family - Judd
    DW: Heidi Serena
    DH: Joshua Ivan

    DD (15): Holly-Ann Noelle
    DS (8): Tanner Landon
    DS (2): Michael Stellan

    Sister 3's Family - Van Maar
    DW: Danielle Laurelie
    DH: Zachariah Ogden

    DS/DS/DS (11): Nicolai Orson, Arvin Willem, Brogan Keller
    DD (7): Tressa Josephine

    Sister 4's Family - Norton
    DW: Zoey Grace
    DH: Samuel Lee

    DS (8): Zane Callister

    Sister 5's Family - Osinski
    DW: Tracy Claire
    DH: Haden Cody

    DD (5): Gwen Coraline
    DS (3): Vincent Flynn
    DD (NB): Olivia Keeley

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