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    CAF (with uncommon names & off-beat choice)

    Surname: Landry Anderson Dresden Warren Weston Pax Piers Franklin Leverett McKay

    Mom: Irie Ira Indira India Ivanna Ivory Hollin Hollis Harlyn Harlequin
    Dad: Alaric Anders Armand Ashford Ashby Ashland Bradford Brockton Bretton Bryant

    Daughter: Courtlyn Cambria Cade Cassia Cai Channing Belen Bethel Britta Britt Brennan Briony

    Daughter: Damara Davia Delyth Darren Dre Dierra Dori Clea Corianna Cherrie Cypress Cyra

    Son: Forrester Flynt Ferris Farley Fox Fallon Garth Garrison Garrity (rhymes with charity) Geo Glennon

    Son: Emrys Ellington Eamon Egan Emrick Hugh Harland Hyatt Hewitt Bray Bartholomew Berlin

    Son: Tiernan Torrance Thorin Thayer Teague Tobiah Tobin Taurus Uzziah Upshaw Upton Ulysses Ulani Vander Virgo Vladimir Viggo Valentino

    Dd: Embeth Emberley Emrys Eleni Erys Faya Faylin Ferris Giona Glennis Glenn Gisele Grey Graceland Giada

    Dd: Zienna Zierra Zandria Zanthe Zetta Zolina Zandy Zavienne Inga Ina Isannah Ilaria Ivory Innes Ianthe Ireland Ivika (ihVEEkah)

    Dd: Corabel Norabel Arabelle Avelyn Emlyn Ever Joliet Sedona Aura Odelle Orion Ceridwen Maura Maven Mavis Avis Annis Addie

    Ds: Judson Deacon Morris Morrison Quentus Quintus Kenyon Gannon Cyprus Nairobi Phelan Cartier Cathan Japheth Jarrett Jefferson Washington Aries

    Dog: Ashana Janvier January Verity Viola Penny Gwynn Emri(EHMree) Simeon Sherwood

    cat: Audria Audra Andorra Fiji Alanis Quartz Lucan Larson McKinley McCoy Quenby Quillan

    Street name: (choose number/letter/apartment etc) Applewood Berryview Dragonfly Lotus Orchid Birch Geneva Daffodil Raspberry Watermelon Carriage Wolfgang

    Lane Terrace Road Way Circle Street Avenue Drive

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    Washington State
    LN: Franklin

    DW: Ira Harlyn Franklin
    DH: Bretton Alaric Franklin

    DD: Cai Brennan Franklin
    DD: Corianna Dre Franklin
    DS: Garrison Farley Franklin
    DS: Bray Eamon Franklin
    DS: Viggo Thayer Franklin
    DD: Eris Graceland Franklin
    DD: Zetta Ivory Franklin
    DD: Aura Joliet Franklin
    DS: Judson Aries Franklin

    Dog: Viola
    Cat: Quenby
    Street: Applewood Lane

    I actually quite like Viggo Thayer, Zetta Ivory, Aura Joliet and Judson Aries! I can picture these on celebrities kids!
    Not expecting, just collecting!
    Mama to cat: Finley Nash (Finn)

    My Favorite Names:
    Girls Names: Isla, Hannah, Lila, Josie, Harper, Daisy, Stella, Madeleine, Olivia, Isabelle, Willow, Sadie, Georgia, Ruby, Brynn, Viviena, Laila.
    Boys Names: Blake, Easton, Lane, Eli, Ezra, Theodore, Noah, Sawyer, Knox, Felix.

    Favorite Combos:
    Daisy Madeleine, Isla Wren, Stella Madeleine, Nora Madeleine, Emma Jean, Sadie Elisabeth, Georgia Pearl
    Eli Benjamin, Blake Michael, Judson Wyatt, Ezra Nathaniel

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    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Surname: Landry
    Mom: Ira Hollis
    Dad: Ashby Bryant
    Daughter 1: Briony Cade "Bri"
    Daughter 2: Clea Darren
    Son 1: Garrity Fox "Gare"
    Son 2: Emrys Bray "Rys"
    Son 3: Vander Thorin "Van"
    Daughter 4: Embeth Grey "Bets"
    Daughter 5: Zandy Ianthe
    Daughter 6: Avis Orion
    Son 4: Cathan Aries

    Dog: Sherwood "Woody"
    Cat: McCoy "Coy"

    1518 Dragonfly Lane
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    Jason ~ Matthew ~ Ryan ~ Thomas ~ Shane
    Serena * Ariel * Miriam * Kari * Veronica


    Perseus ~ Chandler ~ Harvey ~ Bartholomew ~ Darien
    Sakura * Winry * Raven * Meredith * Monica

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