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    Mary Valentine, Bessie Prairie, Frances Dove, Pascoe O'Brian, Yuki Camellia, Susanna Timshel, Hattie Jean, Mabel Andy, Vesper Opal, Ottoline Annabelle, Bayo Raphaela, Constance Carys, Esther Mercy, Fern Vinnie, Teddy Susanna, Fay Francesca, Philou Nettie, Shalom Galilee, Dossie Opal.

    Morris Noble, Abraham Lou, Enzo Raphael, Obadiah Dove, David Beeman, Clancy Lazarus, Murphy Jericho, Lemuel Jethro, Zebedee Shalom, Pascoe Anders, Barnaby O'Brian, Dossie Kip, Francis Gardener.

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    The Weston Family

    India Harlequin & Alaric Bretton

    Cassia Bryony
    Clea Delyth
    Fox Garrity
    Emrys Hugh
    Vladimir Torrence
    Graceland Emberly
    Ilaria Zierra
    Arabelle Ceridwen

    Dog: Verity
    Cat: Lucan

    194 Berryview Terrace
    Lily Alice

    Arabella Verity | Clara Emanuelle | Electra Liesel | Flora Severine
    Benedict Peter | Dimitri Jasper | Dominic Christian | Gabriel Floyd
    Ginevra Mallory | Juliette Ophelia | Lavinia Felicity | Rosalie Vasilisa
    Henry Fox | Oscar Nathaniel | Spencer Lucas | Theodore James

    All of the Ladies and All of the Gentlemen

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    Eirawen Rayne, Linnea Astrid, Zenovia Saffron, Oriana Evadne
    Alphonse Wolfgang, Kaspian Emrys, Soren Cornelius, Lucius Alastair

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    London, England
    DW: Ira Anderson Warren
    DH: Bradford Alaric Warren

    DD: Cassia Briony Warren
    DD: Cyra Davia Warren
    DS: Flynt Geo Warren
    DS: Egan Berlin Warren
    DS: Valentino Thayer Warren
    DD: Eleni Graceland Warren
    DD: Ianthe Ireland Warren
    DD: Ever Aura Warren
    DS: Gannon Aries Warren

    Dog: Gwynn
    Cat: Alanis

    Street name: 5972 Dragonfly Lane

    Lane Terrace Road Way Circle Street Avenue Drive
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Surname: Pax

    Mom: Irie Hollis Pax
    Dad: Ashland Bryant Pax

    DD: Briony Cambria Pax
    DD: Cherrie Davia Pax
    DS: Forrester Geo Pax
    DS: Ellington Hewitt Pax
    DS: Tiernan Tobiah Pax
    DD: Emberley Giada Pax
    DD: Ireland Ina Pax
    DD: Annis Corabel Pax
    DS: Deacon Morris Pax

    Dog: Gwynn Pax
    cat: Lucan Pax

    Street name: 87 Berryview Drive

    On 87 Berryview Drive, we have Ash and Irie Pax, with their children Brie, Cherrie, Forrester, Ell, Tiernan, Emmy, Ireland, Annie, and Deacon Pax, and their dog Gwynn, and their cat Lucan.
    Rita, Adlee, River, Athena, Austen

    Kurt, Merrick, Forrest, Daniel, Ross

    Teenberry. I don't even plan on having kids, just like names.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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