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    I am bisexual, married to a fellow bisexual

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    Jun 2014
    *raises hand* gay gal here! you will often spot me changing the pronouns in the Baby Name Games forum to make lesbian couples have families :P

    It's awesome to see so many LGBTberries and allies, as I hadn't come across any yet!
    queer gal, author & name lover <3 no kids yet though i want one more every day, check back in a couple of years!

    current faves:
    Lux, Indigo, Alyssa, Cleo, Juniper "Juno", Luna, Lydia, Wren, Mika
    Kai, Isaac, Teddy, Theo, Louis, Tate, River, Willow

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    Great thread and responses of support - be proud of who you are and don't let anyone put you down for being you.

    I hate labels and though I felt the need to label myself as gay/lesbian for years, I don't like to nowadays. No-one goes around introducing themselves with 'Oh hey, I'm so and so and I'm straight', so why the Hell do the rest of us need to? Celebrate and appreciate love and diversity! All that guilt I carried around for years, feeling so alienated and 'wrong' and that I had to admit it all out loud ASAP or I was going to blow up, but couldn't for fear of judgement...painful, in a word. Why does it need to be such a big deal? Love a girl, love a guy, love a person who wishes to identify as both, or neither - so what? Love is love - what's it matter to anyone else? I really don't understand prejudice or intolerance of any kind...makes my blood boil. Yeah, everyone should be free to have their own opinion and to express it, but there are ways of doing that without completely destroying a person who cannot help being who they are. Agree to disagree; don't try to fix something that was never broken!

    Anyway, I'm always hanging around somewhere in these parts if anyone wishes to chat or vent or whatever. I'll listen. You're not alone, you're not're brilliant!

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