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    Sep 2013
    NSW, Australia
    I'm not super active on Nameberry or anything, but I'm here and I'm queer Since I'm monogamous and he's a guy, I get treated as though I'm straight - for better or worse :\ - even though in general I much prefer feminine individuals regardless of sex/gender. My preference comes through more in my art/games/writing, in which it's generally safe to assume everybody is bi until proven otherwise ;p

    Technically, I think I may be classed as autochorissexual, though I have never considered myself asexual. Figuring that one out for sure would probably take more effort than I'm willing to expend <XD

    Anyway, just popping in to say hi to Queerberry It's always nice to see a healthy LGBTQI+ presence in an online community.

    (Also, I hadn't heard "biromantic" before! I like that.)
    The Girl Your Mother Warned You About
    Design - Illustration - MultimediaShe Draws Nerdy Stuff
    ++Unisex names, surname names --Dictionary names, kreaytivitee • I respect mums, but I don't want to be one! I'm probably just here to name video game characters.

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    Western Washington.
    I'm bi and dang proud of it.

    Delilah, Annalise, Adelaide, Katherine, Eva

    Arthur, Augustus, Owen, Leo, Jude, Thomas, Hudson, James, Nico, Beckett

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    No one's posted on this for a while, but... I'm agender, which falls under the trans* umbrella. I'm also asexual, but romantically into guys, which I guess counts as queer, because I don't know how one would define "straight" in relation to a genderless person. XD
    Nicole Janine; 20, Poli Sci major, future parent, name lover.

    ♂: Matthew, Henry, Owen, Noah, Levi, Gabriel, Rylan, Tyler, Nolan, Linus
    ♀: Lilly, Elizabeth, Delilah, Adelaide, Lucia, Sophia, Rosemary, Tina, Faith, Louise
    ⚪: Riley, Avery, Dana, Skyler, Rhys, Jamie, Reagan, Auberon, Noel, Shiloh

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