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    I've been a supporter for as long as I can remember, but I had some rough years when I was 12-15, when I felt I had to profess to believe certain things in order for my family to continue to love me (and basically not leave me; I had some abandonment issues, tbh). It was miserable, honestly, but by my sophomore year of high school I finally just stopped and decided that that way of living just wasn't worth it and if I couldn't be loved for having my own mind then so be it.

    I've never been in a relationship, so I haven't really felt the need to come out definitively, but I do consider myself queer, somewhere in the bi and ace spectrums.
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    I am a lesbian. I am not in a relationship currently, but have had a couple of very serious ones, each lasting roughly two-four years.
    I am not really able to date right now, but hopefully someday I will meet Miss Right.
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    It's been a while since I've looked at this thread and a few things have changed. I might as well update people even though I'm sure no one's really that interested haha.

    But anyway. I've come to realise that I'm not bisexual. After my girlfriend and I broke up at the end of last year (due to her going on overseas exchange), I dated a couple of boys. They were the most awkward dates of my life and nothing came of any of them. When I went out with friends to bars and clubs and parties, I noticed I wasn't interested in flirting or doing anything, like, "romantic" or whatever with boys either. In hindsight, I sort of realise that I was only dating boys because it felt expected of me and I was never really interested in them in that way. Then I met the girl I'm currently with at the first lesbian bar I'd been to in more then half a year and I felt more connected to my actions and my feelings then I had in months. Everything kind of clicked into place and I had my "Yep. I'm gay." moment. So yeah. Girls are where it's at for me.

    I was kind of worried initially that people would think I was making it up because of my older brother, who is also gay. I think a few people have already thought that actually, but I can't really force people to believe me. I'm also kind of worried that people I know will use me to justify in their own minds that bisexuality does not exist and it's just a "phase" or an "experiment" or a "stepping-stone", even though that's kind of out of my hands as well.

    Anyway, I should end on a positive note. I'm gay and I'm happy and proud and I've been supported by many of the people in my life.
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    My best friend came out to me a few months ago. She's the first openly gay person I've ever really gotten a chance to get to know. It honestly took me a little longer than she thinks it did for me to get used to the idea that she is lesbian. She told me over a text and, I'll be honest, I was surprised. Of course I told her that I would love her no matter what. I think my exacts words were "I don't care if you're in love with a cow! You're my best friend and I love you to death". Not to say I didn't mean that... I guess I was just confused. It took me a few days but I slowly started to get used to the idea that she is gay. I just can't believe it took me that long to understand that it didn't change who she was, she's still the same girl she's always been: funny, bubbly, optimistic, and sometimes just a little bit slow.

    I know it was hard for her when she first came out. I couldn't tell her any of the confused thoughts that I was thinking because she was going through a tough time. She's an only child with a perfectionist mom who is still getting used to the idea of it all. She says that her mom changes the subject every time she tries to bring it up. I was one of the first people she told, which is a blessing now that I truly think about it. A couple weeks ago she told her dad. Her parents are divorced and her relationship with her dad has been rocky in recent times. They've had so many ups and downs. Some days she's going shopping with him and others she's saying how she never wants to see him again. I know she was terrified to tell him because she didn't know how he would react. The day she told him was one of the happiest days of her life. He said that it didn't matter to him, he loved her regardless, and he was happy she told him. That was a game changer for her because now she's much more comfortable being who she is. And I love that.

    At the end of this long story that wasn't even about me, I just want to say that I am 110% an ally. I love that now my best friend can be who she is and has the same rights as I would.
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    Hey now this thread is what I'm about! I'm a gay aroflux nonbinary trans boy (quite a mouthful, I know, but if you need anything explained just let me know) and LGBT+ issues are really important to me since literally all of my friends as well as myself are part of the community in some way. This thread was really cool to find, I'm glad there are others here (especially those who represent the T in the acronym!)

    Also I want to say if anyone has any questions, is confused about their orientation/gender, or just wants to talk to someone else who "gets it," you're more than welcome to shoot me a message! I'd be happy to talk to you!
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