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    Hydra yes your old enough to have your own opinion ,that was worded very well I never would have guessed you where 13 and I totally agree with you although I have to have a proven scientific fact for everything , the only thing I believe people should judge on is personality my favourite saying when I was little was to never judge a book by its cover
    Ravenclaw,astronomer,biologist,Writer, bookworm, artist,history mythology and anime geek, ~
    ~ dreaming of the future ~
    Loki Antony Sherlock~ Ramses Dorian Aramis~
    Sirius Westley Damon~ Draco Cillian Pythias~

    Evelyn Cordelia Paige (Evey)~ Hermione Nefertiri Cassiopeia (mia)~ Euphemia Persephone opaline (Euphie)~
    Melisande Ophelia Claire (Milly)~

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