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    100% ally and activist here! My closest friends are homossexual, and it made me very angry to think that they didn't have the same rights as me. In Brazil, gay marriage (converting stable union to marriage) was legalized in 2012/2013, but there is still work to do, specially concerning adoption, public opinion, and marriage that is not derived from stable union. Sadly, there are still some terrible cases of homophobia going on, and lots of daily subtle homophobic actions that don't catch people's attention, which for me are just as bad or even worse.

    Narrow-minded people exist everywhere, but I'm happy we are making advances and proving they are not going to stop others from their civil rights!

    Caroline. 23 year old from Brazil.

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    I'm bi. But, shh. Don't tell anyone. They'd all freak. (*shyly waves from the closet*)

    Eek. This is the first time I've actually told anyone. Thanks.

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    But, of course, I'm always an ally 100%! My Uncles and adopted Aunts are gay/lesbian and I couldn't be prouder to call them my family.

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    I'm not one myself, but I consider myself an admirer (with the transgender population we've had some on here seeking advice on choosing a new name in the transition process, and I've used them as a point to defend my side when there was a debate over some name-change issues).

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    Wow, it's so heart warming to see support actually written down. I got a little choked up, to be honest.

    I'd just like to put it out there that if anyone on nameberry (teenberry or otherwise) is struggling with their sexuality, my inbox is always open. I may not be there in person, but I've found from personal experience that it helps to talk to someone objective who has gone through similar struggles. Phone help lines are also really great - most countries have them and some even specialise in sexuality - and you can call from phone booths if you feel you have too.
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