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    Nameberry & the LGBTQ+ Community

    Hey Berries!

    Since pride month is winding down fast, I was wondering if there are any LGBTQ+ members on Nameberry. If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or a lovely ally, let us know! Nameberry is a place of communication, collaboration, and teamwork. It's a place where we can all come together and share our experiences. If there are any members of the LGBTQ+ community, or allies, we should come together and support each other in a peaceful enviroment.

    Thank you for your support,
    teen berry
    excuse my username

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    I'm not part of the LGBTQ community, but I am definitely a supporter. I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends and I love them to pieces!
    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine ?, Marie Anneliese, Linnea Carys, Stella Vivienne, Emilia Noelle, Clara Felicity, Violet Elizabeth, Lydia Violet, Elaine Victoria, Evelyn Hope

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Judah, Evan ? Joel Dominic, Quinn Patrick, Dawson Cole, Judah Nathaniel, Rhys Jeremiah, Roman Gabriel, Lachlan Jude

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    Ally! So happy with the amazing progress happening right now. So much further to go, but the light is starting to shine!
    Mother of Gabriel Christian and Emrys Atticus.

    The ones that got away:
    Felicity, Anne, Iantha, Penelope, Elowen
    Walter, Sebastian, Edmund, Arthur, Fredrick

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    Sydney, Australia
    My older brother has been in a relationship with his boyfriend for nearly three years now. I've also been in relationships with both boys and girls (though I'm not in a relationship now). Fortunately, my parents are pretty good about their two oldest kids being gay and bisexual.

    I have wondered about lgbtq members of nameberry. It's nice to see a thread started about it.
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    c a r a.

    love each other, respect all life and don't run with scissors.

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    An ally over here and proud to be living in a state that allows people to marry who they love, no matter what sex they are.
    Mommy to a beautiful baby boy!
    Griffin Adam
    Favorite girls names: Mirabelle Irene, Aurora Faye, Seraphina Louise, Cordelia Isobel, Serena Lux, Rosamund Fable, Elowen Phoenix, Calliope Eve

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