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    Lilia definitely, theres a horrible girl in my school called livia so i just picture her
    lilia is very classy i agree that lydia is too firm
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    Lydia would be my first choice, followed by Livia. Lilia is the only one I don't really like.
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    I like Livia, but with the popularity of Olivia people may think it is too nickname-y. I'm torn between Lilia and Lydia; and I think I'll go with the latter : ) I prefer spelling Lidia, though.
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    Lydia is my favorite. Livia would be my second choice.

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    Wow! Thanks for your replies guys.
    You've all pretty much confirmed my feelings about each name. Lydia too firm/uninspiring, Livia (although a beautiful ancient name in it's own right) sounds a bit like a chopped off Olivia and then there's Lilia, the newest of the names in my consideration. Think I'm only hesitant as I never particularly wanted a 'Lily'. So the reason for my liking the name is because I like the feminine lilt of the full three syllable name. The nn Lia is nice tho too, so I suppose I could use that if I prefer?
    She would be sister to Harrison.
    Right then, so middle names please?

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