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    thoughts on Celia and Celise

    Thanks everyone who answered my earlier thread on English/Irish names. It was surprising how many of the suggestions were on my long list--clearly I'm in the right place!

    We think we've narrowed it down to the above two names. Both are pretty but to me they have different sounds--Celia is more lively while Celise (pronounced like "Elise" with a "ss" in front" is more feminine and adult.

    I like both! Which do you think sounds better with sibling Edric and last name O'Malley?


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    I vote Celia. It is easier to pronounce and spell, therefore giving her less problems, and I think it would age beautifully. I like how it sounds better with your surname as well.
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    I vote Celia also.
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    I like Celise better with your sons name and with your last name. I have never heard this name before, but if it is a legit Irish name then I think it's great! I would have guessed that was how it was pronounced and that would have also probably been my first guess of how to spell it.

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    I like Celise better. I would suggest opening a poll, because this kinds of things can get confusing very quickly.

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