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    Lightbulb Your thoughts on Ursula?

    Looking for some honest feedback.
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    I'm not a big fan of it, sorry. I just put it down there with names such as Greta, Gretchen and Edna. It sounds quite nice but it doesn't look very nice on paper, if that makes sense. I would never consider it for my own child but I wouldn't look down on those that do, it's not my taste (far from it) but it's not unbearable. Based on your names in your signature, it does go nicely with them!
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    I think it sounds and looks a bit strange, until you put it to a person. I have a great aunt Ursula, and she is so lovely that I could never think poorly of her name.

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    I really love it. It was number one on my actually-having-a-child-that-needs-a-respectable-name list.

    I see Ursula as a classy name with a cutesy, relatively modern nickname ("Sully").
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    I know an Ursula, she is a very sweet woman, so she helps lessen my dislike of the name.
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