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    Bee / Bea / Beatrix / Beatrice- My mum's bio mother, so that wouldn't go down well.

    Annabelle- My mum's name. Maybe for a middle.

    Andrew- Dad's name. Again, maybe for a middle.

    Gerald- I love this name, and think of Gerald Durrell of My Family and Other Animals, but I just can't see myself using it, if I'm honest. I don't think it would suit my kid.

    Seraphim- Only for a middle. I love it, and would have no problem with using it, but I just can't see it fitting my child, especially with our painfully ordinary last name: it could look really try hard.

    Jonathan- I just think of Jonathan Harker of Dracula, and I never liked him much.

    Enoch- I love love love it. I just can't see myself saying: 'Enoch! Dinner's ready!', 'Enoch, hurry up, you'll be late.', 'Enoch, I'm so proud of you.', etc.

    Absalom- I love it, I just can't see it on my child.

    Ophelia- Gorgeous, but I just think of THE Ophelia from Hamlet every time I say it. It doesn't help that John Everett Millais' painting 'Ophelia' is one of my favourites.

    Venetia- I think it is really pretty, but Venetian biscuits are my dad's favourite and he constantly teases me when I come over, that I would be naming me after a biscuit. This is the man who wanted to name me Bear before I was born, before that was even considered a name for anyone but a dog... or a bear.

    Thisbe- I just can't see myself with a Thisbe. I don't think she is the best namesake either- not terrible, but I can think of better.

    Agnes- My last name ends with a similar sound, and it sounds a bit silly. The same thing with Artemis and Persis.

    Othello- Great name, but Othello did murder his wife.
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    Mary Valentine, Bessie Prairie, Frances Dove, Anzu Gardener, Pascoe O'Brian, Yuki Camellia, Susanna Timshel, Hattie Ezri, Mabel Amzi, Vesper Opal, Ottoline Annabelle, Bayo Raphaela, Constance Carys, Esther Mercy, Fern Vinnie, Teddy Susanna, Fay Francesca, Philou Nettie, Shalom Galilee, Dossie Flora.

    Morris Noble, Abraham Lou, Enzo Raphael, Obadiah Dove, David Beeman, Clancy Lazarus, Murphy Jericho, Lemuel Jethro, Zebedee Shalom, Pascoe Anders, Barnaby O'Brian, Dossie Kip, Francis Gardener.

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    Poppy: DH calls his pseudo-father "Pops" and this is just too close and would most likely be considered an honor name, which I don't want to do in Pops' case. Moral of the story... don't work for family

    Astrid: love the meaning, think its beautiful. But DH says a$$-turd. So that's out.

    Asher: love this for a middle for a boy, but my name is Ashley and I already plan on passing my middle name down to a future daughter, so I feel like using a play on my first name as well would be a little vain.

    Magnolia: when I suggested this name DH looked at me like I was crazy, it also would not go over well with our family.

    Lola: her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...

    Seraphine: a fantastic name used in my family tree approx. 200 years ago. But I fear she would be called Sera, and Sarah is DH's half-sister's name.

    Aiobheann: if only we lived in Ireland...

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    Ash - This was my top boys name until I got married and my surname now contains 'ash'
    Ophelie - I love this but think it's too 'exotic' for husbands taste.
    William - Just too overdone.
    Malcolm - Had my heart broken by a Malcolm so ruined that one for me.
    Philippa - Love the nn Philly. Just can't see it being used.
    Mummy of Arthur Genki - 25th November 2014 <3

    Edmund . Linden . Hugo . Murdoch . Darcy
    Thora . Daisy . Rosamund . Georgiana , Aster

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    Because they're super popular:
    Sophia/Sofia, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Aubrey

    Because of pronunciation:
    Caoilainn (kay-lynn), Aibhlinn (ave-leen), Niamh (nee-iv), Ani (ahn-nee)

    Because they wouldn't age well:
    Everleigh, Cambrie, Piper, Analeigh, Kenley

    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

    Aurelie Grace • Ottilie Skye • Charlotte Evangeline • Emmeline Kate

    Asher Graham • William Alec • Benjamin Kai • Finley James

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    India Rosemary, Aurora Beatrice, Eleanor Charlotte
    Christian Zachary, Theodore Jonathan, Nigel Malachi

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