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    Zelda or Anais. I love them both dearly and I think they're gorgeous names. However, after a bit of contemplation I've come to the realization they're just not names I could see myself using. Well, at least not with my current last name.

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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Ladies: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine Rachel, Marie Anneliese, Linnea Carys, Maisie Rose, Emilia Noelle, Clara Felicity, Lydia ?, Elise Victoria, Evelyn

    Gentlemen: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Jude, Roman Gabriel, Evan Connor, Quentin Oliver, Dawson Cole, Jude Nathaniel, Rhys Anthony, Ciaran Matthew, Everett Jacob

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    There are probably billions at this point. The first 4/10,000,000 that popped into my head were Amphelisia, Zuelia, Heracleion, Jezebel... I just can't. XD Never.
    Teenberry, History Geek, Lover of Stories and Tales


    Aurora, Hermione, Fiona, Katniss

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    Yup, I named my dog Liesl (same spelling and everything) because I couldn't bestow it on a baby. The vet's office STILL has a really hard time spelling and pronouncing my dog's name right. *sigh*
    Kayla Marie - 25 - USA
    wife to James Edward - mommy to Kiera Jaime (2014)

    Ovary lurkers:

    Girls (under construction):
    Tamsyn Isolde, Brenna Carys, Morgana Chalcedony (GP)

    Boys (family names, set in stone):
    James Gavin, William John

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    Astrid! I love love love Astrid, but my family would never let me hear the end of it.

    Also absolutely adore: Sunniva, Francesca, Wilhelmina, Bernadette, Hermione, Scarlett, Isadora, Beatrix, Luna, Margot, Cecily, Ivy, Katya, Calloway, Vivienne, Tatum, Lorelei etc. but I wouldn't use them for various reasons.
    Inkling (29), author & single supermom to two sweet kidlings: KV (8) and MP (5)

    Always looking for naming inspiration for my Inky babies (aka characters)!

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