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    My partner loves it but I'm completely turned-off the name by the character Scarlett from 'Gone with the Wind'. I also find Scarlett Johansson nauseating. So, this lovely name doesn't have a lot of positive connotations for me personally. Otherwise, it's a very pretty, feminine and enchanting name that is absolutely beautiful when I hear it on others.
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    Linnea - what a gorgeous name, but it feels a bit frilly for a first name to me

    Stella - was my number one name until I met my husband , he despises it

    Jethro - I'm not sure I can get past some of the negative associations, but I do love it

    Archer - my mums maiden name, very handsome, but I hate the nn Archie
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    Domitille - unpronounceable for many, and maybe a little harsh
    Orla - teasing potential
    Ailis - pronunciation
    Caoimhe - pronunciation
    Apolline - family name, love it, but feels like a bit "much"
    Betsy - I'd only feel comfortable using it as a nickname, but I'm not too enamored of most of the names it can be short for - yet I couldn't bring myself to use just Betsy. Annabeth is the long form I'd most likely use.
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    I love some more exotic (for us) sounding names but they don't work with our daughters or our mundane last name


    We also love clunky names but again with our girls and also our last name, Cook, I get the image of a scullery maid
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