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    Please help! Totally stuck

    Hey had no replies from my last post and really do need help as I would like to be prepared. For a girl I'm thinking :

    Beatrix Micheline but I'm very open minded and would really love some other suggestions. Our surname is O'Donnell . Any thoughts welcome

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    Beatrix sounds lovely with the surname O'Donnell. I dislike Micheline in the combo. It doesn't fit the name as a whole,in my opinion. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions at this time.
    not currently expecting

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    Love Beatrix, but I think of tires when I see Micheline... I like Beatrix Michelle or Beatrix Marie.

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    Thank you, Micheline is my hubby's aunts name and she is going to be home from Africa where she is a missionary. I thought it would be a nice gesture but I do agree that it has tyre associations. Hubby and I do struggle to agree on girls names. Other thoughts I've had are:
    Dominique, Phoenix ( totally not allowed this which makes me sad) Adalyn and Kalia .

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    Love Beatrix! But, I really don't care for Micheline. I also think of Michelin tires. How about Beatrix Emmeline?

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