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    Would you name your child after your favorite TV character?

    I always was kind of one of those who stayed away from naming my kids after fictional people that was until someone brought up Rafael Barba from Law & Order SVU. Not only do I have a thing for the man who plays him (Raúl Esparza is just a Cuban dream and I could talk about him for the rest of my life), but when someone I know suggested Rafaela knowing how big a fan of his I am I kind of really started to contemplate using. I think Rafaela Grace is beyond beautiful and I like how it goes with Willa (double a's but both very different names) so I just want reassurance that I am not the only person in the world who would for sure name my child after a character on television. I guess I always thought names should be somewhat sentimental and "Oh yeah I named you after that one guy on TV who I thought was super sassy and really attractive." just makes for a slightly embarrassing story of how you got your name though it's the truth.
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    I was named after a character on Days of Our Lives, which is a soap opera. I was always embarrassed about it growing up, but now it's a popular name so I'm like "whatever" lol. Rafaela is a beautiful name. You don't have to tell people where you got the idea.
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    I agree; they don't necessarily need to know your kid's naming story. If you love the name, go for it.
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    I wouldn't do it if that was the only thing about the name that I liked--the connection to the character.

    But if I liked the name and meaning on it's own and had other associations with it (it wasn't made up specifically for that show) then I wouldn't rule it out.

    I love the name Lorelei and I grew up loving Gilmore Girls. If the name had further significance to me and my DH loved it, I'd definitely consider it strongly.
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    I got many of my favourite names from TV shows (I watch way more TV than is healthy, lol!). For example:

    Jethro - Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS
    Malcolm - Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly
    Fiona - Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice (and Princess Fiona from Shrek)
    Nell & Hettie - Nell Jones and Hetty Lange from NCIS: Los Angeles
    Tess - Tess Brennan from One Life to Live

    I love all the names despite these connections, but the shows were the first time I heard and fell in love with them. I also watch L&O SVU, and I agree that Rafael Barba is smoking hot, love him! I think it would be cool to be named after a character, so I'd say go for it!
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