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    Samson, Emmett and...

    We have been searching the web for a few days looking for names for our little girl.

    To go with big bothers Samson and Emmett we like Daisy and Clara, Annabel is out of the running.

    Do you have anymore ideas?

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    I still like Clara! So pretty and sounds lovely with your boys' names, I think Daisy is pretty too but sounds a bit common next to your boys' names. Sorry.

    Some ideas:
    Molly: mummy-to-be, wife, vintage lover, and teacher!
    Married to Simon
    Expecting a - currently nameless - little girl

    Bryony|Lydia|Vera|Petra|Imogen|Sadie|Monica|Georgi ana|Anneliese|Zara|Clara|Adeline|Lois|Sophia|Karin |Aurora|Lucille|Erica|Mercy|Blythe|Felicity

    Jude|Oscar|Xavier|Patrick|Bart|Felix|Nathaniel|Fre derick|Isaac|Evan|Theodore|Adam|Jasper|Callum|Ezra |Ezekiel|Henry|Samson|Niall|Percy|Barney|Seamus|Ha velock

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    Dany (Also known as Athena Danielle)
    Could you check out these threads?
    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

    Rosemary Gloria ~ Madeleine Rhea ~ Caroline Hazel ~ Lilith Rebekah ~ Katarina Beatrice ~ Alaric Matthew ~ Henry Marcellus ~ Roland Theodore ~ Sebastian Rhys ~ Lucian Malachi

    In search of middles for: James, Seraphine, Caroline and Elijah.

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