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    William is a family name. I love it but wonder if it's being used for a lot of children right now? Also a cousin has the name already (Bill), is it ok to go ahead & use it anyway, or is there some protocol to asking their permission? We aren't very close.

    My other cousin also named her son Liam (like it but it's very popular) so I wonder if that nickname is off limits too? Am I better off to stick with Will as a nn? I know we could always just refer to him by his full name if we use William, but it will inevitably be shortened by somebody....

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    If you already have family with the name William or Liam I'd either ask them first or wouldn't use it.

    I'd go with Arlo James!! It's my new name crush at the moment, It's just so handsome and it goes great with Jackson! Even Arlo William would be nice if you still want to use William
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    I love your list!!!! I really don't think you can go wrong with any of them! If you were really in love with Jude I think you could potentially use it, but it would be a bit of a mouthful to say the brothers' names together, especially if Jackson goes mostly by Jack. I agree with others that Arlo James is a particularly good fit, but I love all the names on your list! Good luck!

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    These would be my favorites from your list:
    Arlo James - I like that Arlo is simple but still unique.
    Lennon James (Len) - I just love this name & it sounds great with Jack or Jackson. Might be my #1 favorite!
    Jude William - I love the name Jude but Jack & Jude sound pretty familiar to me, but if you don't mind that - go for it!
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    Argh! I had a whole reply written out for you, and then I accidentally clicked a link and lost the whole thing. I’ll try to recap!

    Sullivan - I really like this name, and I think it’s a great match with Jackson, if you don’t mind that both are surnames. Jack and Sully sound like such a fun, rough-and-tumble pair of brothers.

    Arlo - this is a great choice. Not one that is a particular favorite of mine, but it compliments Jackson nicely and is kind of unexpected — which I like. Possible negative to consider: girl name Harlow is super trending. It’s up to the 500s after only making the Top Thousand list in 2009. On the other hand, Arlo only made the list in 2011 and is already up to the 600s! So it would appear that Arlo is trending on an even faster track than Harlow. Anyway, the similarity in sound is something to consider.

    Jack - I’m afraid that Jack and Jude would just be asking for nursery rhyme spoofs. Jack and Jill went up the hill….Jack and Jude were little dudes… It could get old really, really fast.

    Since you love Jude, though, have you thought of using it in the middle? It would fit just about any place you have already used James, and be a more modern and cool pick. Sullivan Jude, Arlo Jude — very cool. If James is a family name, then I would be more inclined to keep it. If it’s just there because it’s one-syllable and sounds nice, swap it out for Jude.

    William - are Bill and Liam named for the same family William you’re wanting to honor? I’m of the opinion that family names can’t be claimed by any one person. I know this is controversial because people have different feelings on it. I have one sister who thinks that only one person per generation should have a family name, and once it has been picked, it’s off-limits. The rest of the family says that a grandpa “John” is grandfather to everyone equally, so anyone who wants to use John should be able to use it. There really are no “rules” or “protocol.” What it comes down to in the end is whether there will be drama in your family because you choose to use (or not use) a family name. If it’s going to make people upset, then you could ask, not use it, or be prepared for the storm. Sorry this isn’t much help, but every family dynamic is different, and this is honestly what it comes down to every time. Concerning popularity, both William and Liam are VERY popular names. Liam has gone from about #50 to #2 in the last five years while William has been #5 or above for the past five years.

    Ansel - Incidentally, I just have to say that I love seeing that someone is considering Ansel. It’s such an under appreciated name.

    Samuel - The only name that I totally would not use is Samuel. Unless you are a gigantic fan of the actor, Samuel Jackson.

    I’m going to suggest Rory as the name you might have missed. It has the long-O sound of Arlo, the Y-ending of Huxley, the Irish feel of Sullivan, and the casual feeling of Jack. Rory Jude?

    Good luck deciding!
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