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Thread: Wdyt?

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    What do you guys think of this sibset?

    Theodore Atticus "Theo"
    Phoebe Viola
    Cordelia June
    Iris Hermione
    Walter Hawthorne

    Thoughts? Anything that you would change?

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    Gorgeous. The only thing i dont love is Iris Hermione has a lot of long I sound. But i love Phoebe, Iris, and Cordelia together. Walter & Theodore too!
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    What a lovely sibset! The names aren't exactly all of the same style but somehow they just work together! I especially love Walter Hawthorne. Iris Hermione may be my least favorite. I agree with the PP that you may find a middle that flows better with Iris.
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    Super gorgeous & super handsome! This is a sibset I'd love to meet in real life. The only names I don't like individually are Walter, but Walter Hawthorne is superb, and Viola, but it works well with Phoebe.
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    It sounds great!

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