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    To honour a 'Mary'?

    Hey berries, so I've been thinking lately how special it would be to name a daughter after my mother. It would mean so much to both of us since we have such a close bond..the only problem is, her name is Mary and I'm just not that big of a fan.

    Any suggestions for names similar to Mary? I do quite like the name Mara, although 'bitter' isn't such a nice meaning lol, and Maya is really pretty but not that close to Mary.
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    I love the simple Mary.

    Marina? Mariela?
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    I like Moira, Mariana, and Marie, but they all have the same 'bitter' meaning as Mary.
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    The "bitter" meaning is not what you might think. Reading up on the history of the name Mary is absolutely fascinating.

    While Marina is a personal favorite, I really like Mara as well... it would fit in with the trendy names of her peers without actually being one of those names. So, best of both worlds!
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