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    Lizbette and Lizbeth!
    Darcy, Quentin, Elliott, James, Marianne, Josephine, Henrietta
    Robin, Hazel
    August, Hawk, Sydney, Primrose, Isis, Lavender

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    Rainy Pacific Northwest
    Curtis and Curt..

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    Jean and Joan both girls
    * Eleanor "Ellie" * Maeve * Caroline * Mary * Grace * Sophie * Stella *

    * James * Henry * Paul * Owen * Emmett *

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    When I was younger (much younger. Don't judge.) I tried to write a book where all the characters were pretty much twins. Not only did they have to have matchy names, but most of them were the masculine/feminine versions of the SAME name. For example, the main characters were Gabriel and Gabrielle (Gabe and Gabi) and Oliver and Olivia. There was a Patrick and Patricia, and a Mark and a Margaret. It was pretty bad.

    I've since seen the error of my ways. However, I'm still sort of fond of matchy names, just because they're so much fun. It is a guilty pleasure. Most of them I'd never use, but some of them I'd still consider. For example, I like the idea of taking two not-so-similar names with similar nicknames, or vise-versa. Example: Miles and Margaret, "Milo & Margo". My two favorite boy & girl names right now are Augustine & Evangeline, and even though they have the same ending, they aren't pronounced that way (Aw-GUS-tin & Ee-VAN-Juh-Leen). The nicknames, however, would be Auggie & Annie, which are pretty close, I admit.

    I know a Mary and Sherry (identical and adorable).

    I also like thinking of combos that are neat and/or funny, but that I'd never use. Examples:
    Colby & Jack
    Christopher & Robin (triplets? How bout Winnie?)
    Cassie & Polly (like the twins Castor & Pollux)
    Temperance & Prudence
    Faith, Hope & Charity (this actually happened, and they're all martyrs. Along with their mother, St. Sophia. Can't remember if the last one was Charity or just Love.)
    -Caroline Gabrielle K.



    Augustine "Auggie", Theodore "Theo", George, Benjamin (Ben, Benjie, Benny), Francis "Frankie", Hamish.
    Evangeline "Annie", Eloise / Elizabeth "Ella", Kathleen "Katie / Kate",

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    22 year old name lover

    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty:
    Alice, Camilla, Daisy, Elowen, Ingrid, Lorna, Nina, Opal, Romilly & Simona
    Dexter, Henry, George, Joseph, Magnus, Phillip, Ronan, Vincent, Walter & Wilfred

    Guilty pleasures: Agnelia, Elucine, Isaura, Ignacio & Osric

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