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    Thumbs up Twin names that are way too close

    A lot of people take the opportunity with twins to give them matchy names. What is the worst set of annoyingly matchy names you've heard?

    For me, I've heard twin girls named Ella and Emma, B/G named Andrea and Andrew, and Skylar and Tyler, and two boys named Jacob and Jackson- called Jake and Jack.
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    I've heard Emma and Emmett as well as a Vincent and Victor "Vince + Vic"

    One of my dad's friends named their twins Tamara and Tadae... like today and tomorrow (ugh).

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    Peter and Paul (two little dicky birds)

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    I know a Kayla and Kyle and a Brittany and Brianne. I just don't get why the parents would waste the opportunity...
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    I went to junior high school with Cora and Dora.


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