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    Red face Major love for Bonnie: Blame Bonnie Blue!

    So I watched Gone with the Wind properly for the first time today. I'd seen a lot of it; but not in one sitting before. Anyway I became smitten with Cammie King playing Bonnie Blue, I know that isn't her real name; but they barely used it anyhow. Its also a real trustworthy, sweet friend of mine and I am loving it so much that I am considering Bonnie Emmeline (and something else-undecided at present.) Emmeline would be a variation of Emily, my middle name, but I love it anyhow.

    Do you think Bonnie would be nice with a sister Magnolia?
    I am thinking (roughly
    Magnolia ....... Brielle
    Bonnie Emmeline .....

    Brielle would honour a Briony and a Isabella whom I call Belle.

    Thoughts? Two middle names is tradition in our family
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    I used to love Bonnie too. I think Bonnie and Magnolia are gorgeous together!
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    I really like Bonnie too However, I personally wouldn't use Bonnie and Magnolia in the same sibset unless Bonnie was a nn for something. Magnolia is very beautiful and elaborate while Bonnie is short and sweet - they are just too different to me. Both are great names though

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    I love Bonnie! My aunt is named Bonnie and my grandma has always gone by Bonnie as a nickname her entire life (she'll be 95 next year). My grandma's full name is Lorna Lavone.
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    Magnolia Brielle is lovely.
    Bonnie Emmeline not so much, too much e's for me. I would suggest...
    Bonnie Amaryllis
    Bonnie Hyacinth
    Bonnie Garland
    Bonnie Anahi
    Bonnie Calliope
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