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    I have somehow managed to get my fave nicknames out of my favourite (full) names, though I'd always use their full names (she says). Most of them are legitimate names, but I like them as nns. *s are my absolute favourites:
    Aura*- I love as a nn for Pandora (I dislike Dora). It would make more sense to spell it Ora, but I hate that spelling.
    Evie*- Evanthe, I knew an amazing, and really nice recorder player called Evie.
    Enna*- Rowenna, I also like Row.
    Trixie*- Beatrix, also the name of a cool, and feisty character in a show I like.
    Phae*- Phaedra
    Ana- Morgana
    Bell- Arabella, so much more feisty and adventurous than Bella IMO.
    Saffy- Saffron
    Merry- Mairead (rhymes with parade)
    Sky- Skylark
    Etta- Arietta
    Pippi*- Olympia, Probably a lot to do with Pippi Longstocking
    Lolly- Olympia, It's just such an adorable nn for a little girl
    Molly- Olympia, My love for Molly is entirely due to Molly Hooper and Molly Weasley. I spent ages looking for names that could give nn Molly (just as a general challenge), and I thought Olympia kind of works.
    Phia- Elaphia
    Flower- Cypress, basically I couldn't find a nn from the name itself, but I found out there's a cypress flower, hence the nn.
    Sally*- Thessaly, I love Sally because of Charlie Brown's little sister in Peanuts.
    Lyra*- Illyria, I have Lyra as a middle as well. I love it!
    Tilly-Beth/Tilda-Beth- My full combo for Matilda, is Matilda Hazel Beth
    Tabby- Tabitha, I actually love cats as well (though tabbies aren't my favourites)
    Laea- Linnaea, Lay-a, like the princess
    Luna*- Calluna
    Laith- Talaith
    Laina (Lay-na)- Helaina

    Wow, that was longer than I expected!
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    My favourites are:

    Kitty - for classic Katharine, quirky Ketzia, or vintage Kathleen.
    Libby & Lilibet - For Elizabeth
    Bee, Betty - It's actually my favourite as short for Beatrice, but Betty is more typically (outside of my family) short for Elizabeth.
    Polly - For Opal or Apollonia.
    Cat - For Catherine or Catriona.
    Bree, Brina - for Sabrina
    Billie - for Sybil
    Kay - I'm fond of it for any girls' name that starts with K.
    Esme - for Esmeralda
    Callie - for Caroline
    Pepper, Penny - Penelope
    Teddie - Theodora

    I am aware Caroline, Elizabeth, and Katharine is a very different sort of sibset from Apollonia, Esmeralda, and Theodora. Can't help that.

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    Birdie - I love how whimsical this is, and like it for both Bridget and Beatrice
    Carrie - My MIL is Carole, and have recently been considering Caroline, with the nn Carrie in her honour
    Indie - Another whimsical one, which I would use as a nn for Ingrid
    Kate - I don't know why I like this one so much, except that I adore my Aunt Kathy
    Maisie - I'm not a fan of Margaret, but I LOVE Maisie.
    Meg - I've loved Meg since I read Little Women the first time. I'm still not loving Margaret, or Megan for that matter...
    Millie - This name is similar to my MIL's maiden name, and also to my SIL's name. I've been considering it for Matilda
    Nelly/Nellie - A lovely nn for Penelope. I prefer it by far to Penny
    Nora/Norah - I love this for Elinor/Eleanor
    Sadie - This is my name crush right now.
    Tess - I love Tess, and a fellow berry pointed out that it could be a nn for Beatrice, which DH loves
    Thandie - (nn for Thandiwe) I think Thandie is both sweet and exotic at the same time. Gotta love that!
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    Belle, Callie, Roo, Rosie, Louie, Elllie, Winnie, Bee, Lillie/Lee-lee, Cissy, Zuzu, Mia, Mila/Millie, Fee, Viv/Vivi, Ollie, Ari, Emme, Lena, Lettie. That's all I can think about now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sis View Post
    Indie - Another whimsical one, which I would use as a nn for Ingrid
    I like this. Both the nick and what it's short for - my husband likes Indie for Indigo but Ingrid lends some gravitas as an option for when she's all grown up.

    I also don't mind Izzy, but only for Isidra or Isidora, never Isabel(la).

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