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Thread: Jill Duggar CAF

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    LN: Dillard

    DH: Derick Michael
    DW: Jill Michelle (Duggar)

    Number of Births: 9

    FN Theme: All first names are 4 Letters Long

    MN Theme: All middle names are 6 Letters Long

    Birth 1- DD/DS:
    - Owen Daniel & Luke Oliver

    Birth 2- DD/DS/DD:
    - Lucy Juliet & Eden Olivia & Jane Isabel

    Birth 3- DS:
    - Jude Samuel

    Birth 4- DD/DD:
    - Rose Alison & Kate Susana

    Birth 5- DD:
    - Hope Summer

    Birth 6- DS/DS:
    - Drew Nathan & Finn Ethan

    Birth 7- DS:
    - Liam Austin

    Birth 8- DS:
    - Reid Hudson

    Birth 9- DD:
    - Faye Evelyn
    Nineteen year-old name-lover, dreaming of someday being a mommy <3

    Alaric, Atticus, Benjamin, Declan, Dexter, Finn, Garrett, Jack, Jude, Luke, Lysander, Oakley, Oliver, Patrick, Ryder, Ryker, Sawyer, Sebastian, Wylder "Wylie"

    Alice, Annabelle, Ardyn, Chloe, Claire, Clara, Eleanor "Ellie", Elizabeth, Ella, Emily, Emma, Evangeline "Evie", Everleigh, Felicity, Genevieve, Josephine "Josie", Mabel, Olivia, Paisley, Reagan, Stella

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    DH: Derick Michael Dillart [40]
    DW: Jill Michelle Duggar [38]

    DS/DD: David Oliver/Eleanor Isabelle [12]
    DD: Katharine Amy [11]
    DS: Bennett Andrew [10]
    DD/DS/DD: Hazel Elisabeth/Isaac Alexander/Juniper Olive [9]
    DD: Charlotte Elise [8]
    DD/DS: Lorelei Amelia/Micah Archer [6]
    DD/DS: Felicity Alice/George Owen [5]
    DS: Adam Elliot [4]

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    LN: Dillard

    Husband: David Michael
    Wife: Jill Michelle (Duggar)

    First names must be 3 syllables, middle names are reverse alphabetical.

    DD: Clementine Zoe
    DD: Amelie Yasmin
    DD: Sylvia Xanthe
    DD/DS/DD: Cressida Willow, Augustus Victor, and Vivian Uma
    DD: Imogen Tessa
    DD: Elena Scarlett
    DS: Sebastian Reid
    DD/DS/DD: Rosalie Quinn, Everett Peter, and Juliet Olive
    DD: Isobel Nina
    DS/DD: Alaric Matthew and Saskia Lily
    DS/DD: Benjamin Kyle & Eloise Jane
    DS/DS: Harrison Isaac and Theodore Henry

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    DH: Derick Michael Dillard
    DW: Jill Michelle Dillard (nee Duggar)

    Roll to find out how many births they have:
    8. 18

    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's first names
    9. all first names are alphabetical (it's up to you if multiples start with the same letter)

    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's middle names
    12. all middle names are in the top 50 names for 1982

    Birth One: Adam Derek Dillard
    Birth Two: Bethany Michelle Dillard
    Birth Three: Claudia Shannon Dillard
    Birth Four: Daniel Timothy and David Thomas Dillard
    Birth Five: Elijah Robert Dillard
    Birth Six: Faith Christina Dillard
    Birth Seven: Gideon Anthony and Gabriel Andrew Dillard
    Birth Eight: Hannah Rachel Dillard
    Birth Nine: Isaiah William Dillard
    Birth Ten: Jemimah Andrea Dillard
    Birth Eleven: Keziah Danielle Dillard
    Birth Twelve: Leah Katherine Dillard
    Birth Thirteen: Mary Nicole Dillard
    Birth Fourteen: Nathan Aaron and Naomi Amanda Dillard
    Birth Fifteen: Obadiah Sean Dillard
    Birth Sixteen: Phoebe Maria Dillard
    Birth Seventeen: Rebecca Erin Dillard
    Birth Eighteen: Samuel Richard Dillard

    Derick and Jill have 21 children: Adam, Bethany, Claudia, Daniel & David, Elijah, Faith, Gideon & Gabriel, Hannah, Isaiah, Jemimah, Keziah, Leah, Mary, Nathan & Naomi, Obadiah, Phoebe, Rebecca and Samuel.

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