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  • Elsie

    4 3.92%
  • Mabel

    18 17.65%
  • Violet

    29 28.43%
  • Leonie/Lianna/Luella/Layla

    9 8.82%
  • Stella/Scarlett

    12 11.76%
  • Jemima

    5 4.90%
  • Audrey

    10 9.80%
  • Isla

    4 3.92%
  • Imogen

    4 3.92%
  • Amalia

    7 6.86%
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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    I like Isla a lot, just doesn't have the same vintage feel as Adeline. What about Ivy? Ivy Leona, Ivy Imogen, Ivy Amalia.... or Etta--too nicknamey?
    I have a bad name association with Ivy. Unfortunately, being a teacher makes choosing a name that bit more challenging

    I do prefer Etta as a nickname. I guess it's the perfect NN fior Violet!

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by julylacs View Post
    My four favorites to match Adeline are


    I'm not sure how popular these are in Australia (I'm wagering on the more popular side, probably) but to me they sound the nicest with Adeline. The rest I'm not crazy about!
    Audrey & Imogen are in the top 30. Penelope & Violet are further down the list but still in the top 100. I know this doesn't matter to most people, but because I'm a teacher, I see multiple names in my grade all the time. I had three Chloes last year!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I would love to meet an Adeline with a sister named Jemima, Imogen, or Leonie.
    I really love Leonie as well. But, is it vintage sounding enough? I really like how unusual Jemima is, yet still familiar enough that people will be able to spell it. Imogen NN Immy is great as well. I know someone with a daughter named Imogen, but we rarely see them anymore (they are friends of friends.)

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    I voted Audrey.

    I really love Isla but I think most people with pronounce it wrong. I say Ees-la like Island in Spanish. I like it better that way.

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    These five are my favourites with Adeline:
    Rose Lavinia Charlotte & Edmund Nicanor Hugo
    Ada Beatrice Margot ‧ Alice Cordelia Mary ‧ Clara Elisabeth Margot ‧ Flora Elisabeth Maude
    Jane Wilhelmina Edith ‧ Elliott Victor Jack "Ottie/Otter" ‧ Henry Frederick Arthur

    Edith Matilda ‧ Emma Rosalind ‧ Mabel Augusta ‧ Margot Lavinia ‧ Violet Georgiana
    Edgar ‧ Eulàlia ‧ George ‧ Kit Laszlo ‧ Lydia ‧ Oscar ‧ Pip Enoch

    German Loves
    Ottilie Elisabeth Margot ‧ Flora Henriette Alice ‧ Flora Charlotte Alice

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