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    A Name For Beauty

    I didn't get any help on my last topic, but it was Czech names... Hopefully French names are so much more easier!

    Genre of Story: Historical Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: 1928, France/Egypt/Czechslovakia

    Character Description: I'm not concrete on how she looks yet, but she is rather pretty. She was born in France, 1903. And she is quite inquisitive/intelligent, independent, kind and strong willed. She loves mythology and has followed in her father's footsteps as a archaeologist.

    Brief Plot: A beauty and the beast retelling. Magic. Archaeology. A mystery to be solved.

    Who named the character: Her parents. Her father "Amaury" loves the Egyptians, you could say he is obsessed. Her mother "Clotilde" would probably tell him to tone it down, but would let him indulge. This could have happened when they named Beauty.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Amaury (father), Clotilde (mother) and Berenice? (elder sister).

    Already Considered (if relevant): So far I'm considering Mathilde, Ghislaine and Delphine.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Belle, Beauty.

    Anything else?: I'm still not sure if I want something that alludes to the story, or Beauty's looks in her name. And if anyone has French name data that goes back to 1900 handy, I would be entirely grateful.

    I would appreciate some opinions on the names I'm already considering, and some suggestions too. Thank you.
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    I like your choices! Here are some ideas.
    Peronelle (it's not on Nameberry; it's from a book by Elizabeth Goudge called Island Magic, set in 1888)
    I hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Thank you! With your choices I'm gravitating towards Sophie, as she has an upbeat personality and I think Sophie works well into that.
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