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    Margot Phoebe is adorable! In terms of the "Zoe, Zooey, Zoey" situation, I like the original spelling the best. Margot Zoe is very cute. Zooey reminds me of "zoo", and the "y" in Zoey seems kind of excessive, in my opinion. When in doubt, stick with the original.
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    I love the idea of Margot with Zoe. However, I dislike the clashing hard "O" sounds. Mar-gOH ZOH-e. See what I mean? My vote is for Margot Phoebe or Margot Remy. Both are equally adorable.
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    I much prefer the Zoe spelling. I have Zoe on my long list. I love Margot Holiday. What a fun, spunky, unexpected combo.

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    I love Zoe, like Zoey, and dislike Zooey... Looks like gooey, and I'm not even sure if its pronounced the same.

    Margot Zoe is cute, but a bit heavy on the O's. I think Margot Phoebe is as cute and spunky, and sounds MUCH better. (Margot, Phoebe, and Zoe are 3 of my very favorite names btw )

    Margot Remy and Margot Holiday are fine, just nms.
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    I LOVE Margot Zoe. Zooey does have literary connotations, but it always looks like zoo-ee to me. Zoey just seems unnecessary.

    P.S. I think Margot Holiday is wonderful as well!

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