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    WDYT of These Girl Names?

    Hello, I have a few other threads similar to this. However this one is mainly focusing on names that I love but I am not a 100% sure I would use. I would not necessarily call them Guilty Please Names but they could be. I would love to know what you think of them. I know they are not everyone's favourite names.

    Abbott Mireya (Abby)
    Ashton Renee (Ash)
    Austen Louise
    Ayden Olivia
    Brett Felicity
    Carter Veronica
    Chase Isabella
    Codie Brianne
    Corey Danielle
    Darian Maeve
    Dylan Carissa
    Ellis Katerina (Elle)
    Finley Samantha
    Gracen Jayne (Gracie)
    Hayden Evanna
    Hunter Lynne
    Laine Sophia
    Logan Noelle
    Mason Juliette
    Parker Hope
    Shawn Alexia
    Skyler Dawn (Skye)
    Tatum Brielle (Tate)
    Tristyn Valerie
    Tyler Hermione (Ty)
    Wylie Nicolette
    Little Ladies
    ~ Cassandra *Andie* Grace ~ Jessamine *Jessie* Eve ~ Charlotte *Charlie* Lydia ~

    ~ Theodora *Teddy* Celeste ~ Lilliana *Lilly* Claire ~ Hermione *Remy* Rose ~

    Young Gents
    ~ Alexander *Alec* James ~ Benjamin *Ben* Adam ~ Nathaniel *Nate* Reid ~
    ~ Jonathan *Nate* Isaac ~ Theodore *Theo* Henry ~ Lukas *Luke* Montgomery ~

    Crushes (fn): Adam, Alice, Anna, Arthur, Henry, Ivan, Kate, Rose

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    Tbh, if I didn't know the middle names I would assume they were all boys, except maybe Skyler and Laine. The middles are much nicer imo.
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    I like:

    Finley Samantha - this is the only combo I love

    I like: Tyler( only in the middle ), Shaun spelled this way, Parker with Peri as a nickname,
    Ellis and Austen.
    Instead of Codie you may like Dakota nn Kodi and Instead of Brett you may like a combo such as Brennan ( means little Raven ) with a t middle and her nn could be Brett.
    Brennan Teresa
    I like many of the names you have listed, just not in those exact combos. I love girly names, but I also love many unisex / tomboyish ones as well.

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    I agree with the PP. Every single one of those first names is all boy to me.
    b o y s
    gordon thomas // calvin joseph // quincy tyler // kenneth william // seth austin

    g i r l s
    rosanna lee // melody beth // faye cecelia // josie kathryn // erica diane

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    Darian Maeve
    Ellis Katerina (Elle)
    Finley Samantha
    Gracen Jayne (Gracie)
    Skyler Dawn (Skye)
    Tatum Brielle (Tate)

    These are the only six names I would assume were girls at first.
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