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    Generation 1:

    LN: Jeffers
    DH: (92) William Robert
    DW: (90) Betty Elizabeth
    DD1: (73) Sandra Mary
    DS1: (72) James Charles
    DD2: (69) Carolyn Kathleen
    DD3: (66) Gloria Elizabeth

    Generation 2:
    LN: Andrews
    DW: Sandra Mary
    DH: (74) Kenneth Edward
    DS1: (53) William James
    DS2: (52) Charles Timothy
    DD1: (50) Susan Mary

    LN: Jeffers
    DH (DS1)/(72): James Charles
    DW: (70) Alice Jean
    DD1: (51) Michelle Elizabeth
    DD2: (49) Kimberley Christine

    LN: Thomson
    DW: (DD2)/(69) Carolyn Kathleen
    DH: (70) Douglas Henry
    DS1: (50) Brian Christopher
    DS2: (48) Matthew Thomas
    DD1: (45) Stephanie Heather

    LN: Michaels
    DW: (DD3)/(66):Gloria Elizabeth
    DH: (66) Gregory John
    DD1: (43) Stacy Christina

    Generation 3:

    LN: Andrews:
    DH (DS1)/(53):William James
    DW: (50) Jacqueline Rebecca
    DD1: (30) Jessica Nicole
    DD2: (27) Brittany Erin

    LN: Waters
    DW: (DD1)/(50): Susan Mary
    DH: (50): Keith James
    DS1: (33): Justin Ryan

    LN: West
    DW: (DD1)/(51) Michelle Elizabeth
    DH: (52) Timothy John
    DS1: (26) Benjamin Andrew
    DD1: (23) Hannah Victoria
    DD2: (20) Maddison Alexis

    LN: Thomson
    DH (DS2)/(48): Matthew Thomas
    DW: (46): Marnie Kate
    DS1: (24) Harrison Jacob
    DD1: (21) Lindsey Paige
    DD2: (18) Chloe Sierra
    DS2: (16) Dylan Caleb

    LN: Peterson
    DW (DD1)/(45): Stephanie Heather
    DH: (45) Brent Henry
    DD1: (19) Sydney Chelsea

    LN: Parker
    DW (DD1)/(43): Stacy Christina
    DH: (46) Brad Christian
    DS1: (16) Hayden Max
    DS2: Cooper Blake
    DD1: (7) Mia Olivia

    Generation 4:

    LN: Sharp
    DW (DD1)/(30): Jessica Nicole
    DH: (30) Brent Casey
    DD1: (4) Zoe Riley
    DS1: (1) Greyson Wyatt

    LN: Reed
    DW (DD2)/(27):Brittany Erin
    DH: (28) Samuel Alexander
    DS1: (1) Theo Asher

    LN: Waters
    DH (DS1)/(33): Justin Ryan
    DW: (31) Sophie Grace, (PREGNANT)
    DD1: (4) Sienna Harlow

    LN: West
    DH (DS1)/(26): Benjamin Andrew
    DW: (25) Isabelle Madisyn
    DS1: (2) Jett Maxen
    DD1: (6mths) Stella Ivy

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Generation 1:

    LN: Jeffers
    DH: (92) Joseph Robert
    DW: (90) Elizabeth Frances
    DD1: (73) Betty Sandra
    DS1: (72) Richard Charles
    DD2: (69) Susan Joyce
    DD3: (66) Cheryl Elizabeth

    Generation 2:
    LN: Andrews
    DW (DD1)/(73): Betty Sandra
    DH: (74) Michael Gary
    DS1: (53) Steven Michael
    DS2: (52) Daniel Scott (NO KIDS)
    DD1: (50) Kimberly Lisa

    LN: Jeffers
    DH (DS1)/(72): Richard Charles 'Rik'
    DW: (70) Bonnie Alice
    DD1: (51) Laura Michelle
    DD2: (49) Kelly Jennifer (NO KIDS)

    LN: Thomson
    DW: (DD2)/(69) Susan Joyce
    DH: (70) Arthur Wayne 'Artie'
    DS1: (50) Christopher Eric (NO KIDS)
    DS2: (48) Matthew James
    DD1: (45) Stephanie Maria

    LN: Michaels
    DW: (DD3)/(66):Cheryl Elizabeth
    DH: (66) Raymond Bruce 'Ray'
    DD1: (43) Shannon Joanna

    Generation 3:

    LN: Andrews:
    DH (DS1)/(53): Steven Michael
    DW: (50) Rebecca Kate
    DD1: (30) Jessica Danielle
    DD2: (27) Brittany Erica

    LN: Waters
    DW: (DD1)/(50): Kimberly Lisa
    DH: (50): Jacob Keith
    DS1: (33): Justin Adam

    LN: West
    DW: (DD1)/(51) Laura Michelle
    DH: (52) Timothy Scott
    DS1: (26) Benjamin Craig
    DD1: (23) Chelsea Alyssa(NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD2: (20) Haley Lauren(NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Thomson
    DH (DS2)/(48): Matthew James
    DW: (46): Kristin Maree
    DS1: (24) Cooper Eric, (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD1: (21) Jenna Kaitlin(NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD2: (18) Chloe Grace (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DS2: (16) Hunter Isaac (NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Peterson
    DW (DD1)/(45): Stephanie Maria
    DH: (45) Darrell Victor
    DD1: (19) Sydney Maria (NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Parker
    DW (DD1)/(43): Shannon Joanna
    DH: (46) Stuart Jerome
    DS1: (16) Hayden Bailey (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DS2: Mitchell Jesse (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD1: (7) Savannah Rose (NO KIDS [Yet])

    Generation 4:

    LN: Sharp
    DW (DD1)/(30): Jessica Danielle
    DH: (30) Curtis Evan
    DD1: (4) Brooklyn Layla
    DS1: (1) Greyson Kai

    LN: Reed
    DW (DD2)/(27):Brittany Erica
    DH: (28) Alexander Samuel
    DS1: (1) Luca Finley

    LN: Waters
    DH (DS1)/(33): Justin Adam
    DW: (31) Audrey Lia (PREGNANT)
    DD1: (4) Sienna Harlow Elise

    LN: West
    DH (DS1)/(26):Benjamin Craig
    DW: (25) Tamara Isabelle
    DS1: (2) Axel Ryder
    DD1: (6mths) India Poppy
    Mum to Bailey Ashton Richard & Liberty Faith Arizona ❤

    Other name crushes-
    Sawyer Rafferty Axel, Elijah Jakob Levi, / Kairi Peyton. Winter Amethyst.
    Boys: Sawyer, Phoenix, Castiel, Elijah, Jakob.
    Girls: Kairi, Peyton, Alana, Isabeau, Wynter, Amethyst, Nova.

    not ttc, but hoping for another child in the near future.

    "Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age & Dreams are forever." -Tinkerbell.

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    [QUOTE=name-guru;2440861]Generation 1:

    DH: (92) Edward James Jeffers.
    DW: (90) Dorothy Helen Jeffers (Le Poulain).
    DD1: (73) Sandra Judith Andrews (Jeffers).
    DS1: (72) Robert William Jeffers.
    DD2: (69) Sharon Susan Thomson (Jeffers).
    DD3: (66) Gloria Diane Michaels (Jeffers).

    Generation 2:
    DW (DD1)/(73): Sandra Judith Andrews (Jeffers).
    DH: (74) Kenneth Michael Andrews.
    DS1: (53) Richard John Andrews.
    DS2: (52) Daniel Charles Andrews.
    DD1: (50) Kimberly Karen Waters (Andrews).

    DH (DS1)/(72): Robert William Andrews.
    DW: (70) Beverley Jean Andrews (Cornu).
    DD1: (51) Brenda Elizabeth West (Andrews).
    DD2: (49) Lori Jennifer Andrews.

    DW: (DD2)/(69) Sharon Susan Thomson (Jeffers).
    DH: (70) Henry Douglas Thomson.
    DS1: (50) Brian Patrick Thomson.
    DS2: (48) Matthew Scott Thomson.
    DD1: (45) Laura Michelle Peterson (Thomson).

    DW: (DD3)/(66): Gloria Diane Michaels (Jeffers).
    DH: (66) Gregory Raymond Michaels.
    DD1: (43) Kathy Christina Parker (Michaels).

    Generation 3:

    DH (DS1)/(53): Kenneth Michael Andrews.
    DW: (50) Jacqueline Kate Andrews (Romand).
    DD1: (30) Stephanie Nicole Sharp (Andrews).
    DD2: (27) Erin Whitney Reed (Andrews).

    DW: (DD1)/(50): Kimberly Karen Waters (Andrews).
    DH: (50): Gary Michael Waters.
    DS1: (33): Christian Mathew Waters.

    DW: (DD1)/(51) Brenda Elizabeth West.
    DH: (52) Timothy Ronald West.
    DS1: (26) Jeremy Andrew West.
    DD1: (23) Hannah Taylor West.
    DD2: (20) Emma Maddison West.

    DH (DS2)/(48): Matthew Scott Thomson.
    DW: (46): Felicity Dee Thomson (de Monaghan).
    DS1: (24) Alex Cameron Thomson.
    DD1: (21) Sara Lindsey Thomson.
    DD2: (18) Sierra Madeleine Thomson.
    DS2: (16) Caleb Nathaniel Thomson.

    DW (DD1)/(45): Laura Michelle Peterson (Thomson).
    DH: (45) Victor Lance Peterson.
    DD1: (19) Sydney Jordan Peterson.

    DW (DD1)/(43): Kathy Christina Parker (Michaels).
    DH: (46) Calvin Stuart Parker.
    DS1: (16) Bailey Julian Parker.
    DS2: (10) Cody Jayden Parker.
    DD1: (7) Isabella Grace Parker.

    Generation 4:

    DW (DD1)/(30): Stephanie Nicole Sharp (Andrews).
    DH: (30) Casey Shane Sharp.
    DD1: (4) Riley Sarah Sharp.
    DS1: (1) Kaiden Hunter Sharp.

    DW (DD2)/(27): Erin Whitney Reed (Andrews).
    DH: (28) Joshua Marcus Reed.
    DS1: (1) Asher Eli Reed.

    DH (DS1)/(33): Christian Mathew Waters.
    DW: (31) Sophie Olive Waters (Walter).
    DD1: (4) India Willow Waters.

    DH (DS1)/(26): Jeremy Andrew West.
    DW: (25) Anna Tamara West (DuHamel).
    DS1: (2) Maxen Zane West.
    DD1: (6mths) Poppy Stella West.

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    Generation 1:

    LN: Jeffers
    DH: (92) William Charles
    DW: (90) Virginia Mary
    DD1: (73) Mary Patricia
    DS1: (72) David Charles
    DD2: (69) Susan Janet
    DD3: (66) Gloria Elizabeth

    Generation 2:
    LN: Andrews
    DW (DD1)/(73): Mary Patricia
    DH: (74) George Edward
    DS1: (53) William James
    DS2: (52) Daniel Joseph
    DD1: (50) Cynthia Mary

    LN: Jeffers
    DH (DS1)/(72): David Charles
    DW: (70) Helen Alice
    DD1: (51) Julie Elizabeth
    DD2: (49) Kelly Christine

    LN: Thomson
    DW: (DD2)/(69) Susan Janet
    DH: (70) Henry Arthur
    DS1: (50) Andrew "Drew" Patrick
    DS2: (48) Matthew "Matt" John
    DD1: (45) Stephanie "Steph" Maria

    LN: Michaels
    DW: (DD3)/(66): Gloria Elizabeth
    DH: (66) John Raymond
    DD1: (43) Joanna Mary

    Generation 3:

    LN: Andrews:
    DH (DS1)/(53): William James
    DW: (50) Rebecca Kate
    DD1: (30) Emily Danielle
    DD2: (27) Erin Rachel

    LN: Waters
    DW: (DD1)/(50): Cynthia Mary
    DH: (50): Jacob Gary
    DS1: (33): Joshua "Josh" Ryan

    LN: West
    DW: (DD1)/(51) Julie Elizabeth
    DH: (52) Timothy "Tim" Richard
    DS1: (26) Aaron Thomas
    DD1: (23) Alexandra "Lexi" Taylor
    DD2: (20) Morgan Brianna

    LN: Thomson
    DH (DS2)/(48): Matthew "Matt" John
    DW: (46): Felicity Kristen
    DS1: (24) Jacob "Jake" Harrison
    DD1: (21) Natalie Paige
    DD2: (18) Clare Georgia
    DS2: (16) Isaac Thomas

    LN: Peterson
    DW (DD1)/(45): Stephanie "Steph" Maria
    DH: (45) Arthur Jay
    DD1: (19) Sydney Kaitlin

    LN: Parker
    DW (DD1)/(43): Joanna Mary
    DH: (46) Harry Luis
    DS1: (16) Oscar Riley
    DS2: Elijah "Eli" Cooper
    DD1: (7) Lily Grace

    Generation 4:

    LN: Sharp
    DW (DD1)/(30): Emily Danielle
    DH: (30) Evan Philip
    DD1: (4) Allison "Alli" Riley
    DS1: (1) Samuel "Sam" Evan

    LN: Reed
    DW (DD2)/(27): Erin Rachel
    DH: (28) Nathan Alexander
    DS1: (1) Asher Felix

    LN: Waters
    DH (DS1)/(33): Joshua "Josh" Ryan
    DW: (31) Pippa Sophie
    DD1: (4) Mia Harlow

    LN: West
    DH (DS1)/(26): Aaron Thomas
    DW: (25) Anna Kaley
    DS1: (2) Ryder Zane
    DD1: (6mths) Ivy Stella

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    Generation 1:
    LN: Jeffers
    DH: (92) James William Jeffers
    DW: (90) Virginia Frances Jeffers
    DD1: (73) Mary Carol Jeffers
    DS1: (72) William James Jeffers
    DD2: (69) Donna Kathleen Jeffers
    DD3: (66) Elizabeth Diane Jeffers

    Generation 2:
    LN: Andrews
    DW(DD1): (73): Mary Carol Andrews
    DH: (74) George Paul Andrews
    DS1: (53) Mark Thomas Andrews
    DS2: (52) Charles Jeffrey Andrews (NO KIDS)
    DD1: (50) Donna Mary Andrews

    LN: Jeffers
    DH(DS1)/(72): William James Jeffers
    DW: (70) Alice Jean Jeffers
    DD1: (51) Julie Elizabeth Jeffers
    DD2: (49) Angela Jennifer Jeffers (NO KIDS)

    LN: Thomson
    DW(DD2): (69) Donna Kathleen Thomson
    DH: (70) Lawrence Henry Thomson
    DS1: (50) Eric Christopher Thomson (NO KIDS)
    DS2: (48) Paul George Thomson
    DD1: (45) Melissa Laura Thomson

    LN: Michaels
    DW(DD3): (66) Elizabeth Diane Michaels
    DH: (66) Raymond John Michaels
    DD1: (43) Joanna Shannon Michaels

    Generation 3:

    LN: Andrews:
    DH(DS1): (53) Mark Thomas Andrews
    DW: (50) Rebecca Kate Andrews
    DD1: (30) Emily Megan Andrews
    DD2: (27) Erin Rachel Andrews

    LN: Waters
    DW(DD1): (50) Donna Mary Waters
    DH: (50): Jacob Stephen Waters
    DS1: (33): Michael Robert Waters

    LN: West
    DW(DD1): (51) Julie Elizabeth West
    DH: (52) Richard Douglas West
    DS1: (26) Benjamin Nicholas West
    DD1: (23) Alexandra Rebecca West (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD2: (20) Maddison Emma West (NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Thomson
    DH(DS2): (48) Paul George Thomson
    DW: (46) Marnie Melissa Thomson
    DS1: (24) Harrison Jack Thomson (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD1: (21) Ellie Anna Thomson (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD2: (18) Grace Clare Thomson (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DS2: (16) Nathaniel Caleb Thomson (NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Peterson
    DW(DD1): (45) Melissa Laura Thomson
    DH: (45) Victor Henry Peterson
    DD1: (19) Natalie Jordan Peterson (NO KIDS [Yet])

    LN: Parker
    DW(DD1): (43) Joanna Shannon Parker
    DH: (46) Alexander Calvin Parker
    DS1: (16) Liam George Parker (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DS2: Jack Daniel Parker (NO KIDS [Yet])
    DD1: (7) Rose Mia Parker (NO KIDS [Yet])

    Generation 4:

    LN: Sharp
    DW(DD1): (30) Emily Megan Sharp
    DH: (30) Curtis Evan Sharp
    DD1: (4) Allison Evelyn Sharp
    DS1: (1) Samuel Evan Sharp

    LN: Reed
    DW(DD2): (27) Erin Rachel Reed
    DH: (28) James Marcus Reed
    DS1: (1) Felix Theo Reed

    LN: Waters
    DH(DS1): (33) Michael Robert Waters
    DW: (31) Olive Grace Waters (PREGNANT)
    DD1: (4) Harlow Sienna Waters

    LN: West
    DH(DS1): (26) Benjamin Nicholas West
    DW: (25) Anna Elsie West
    DS1: (2) Axel Maxen West
    DD1: (6mths) Ivy Stella West
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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