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    I prefer Maeve/Lydia to Maeve/Seraphina as I find the latter a bit mismatched. Plus I think Lydia Kelly flows better and the nn Liddie is so adorable.
    I think I second the Kellyann/Kellyanne suggestion as well. Very pretty names either way though!
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    I love Seraphina and the sibset Maeve and Seraphina is gorgeous however, I like the flow of Lydia Phi11ips more than Seraphina Phi11ips, which has the F sounds a little close for my liking
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    I like Lydia better with Maeve, and it has a much nicer flow with the surname than Seraphina.
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    I prefer Lydia because it sounds better with you last name and fits much better with Maeve. Lydia and Maeve both evoke images os spunky little girls and accomplished women. Serephina is much more frilly, delicate, and airy.
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    I like Lydia better with sister's name and last name, but I like Serephina more outright. Fina and Liddie are equally adorable. Since you have two solid options, maybe let Maeve pick her sister's name? (Or your husband or mother?)

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