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    Is Beckham too "BECKHAM"?!

    Hi y'all, I know I've asked about this before, but it's coming down to crunch time (3 weeks!!!) and we still haven't settled on a name. I've always loved the name Beckham, but my husband has never fully accepted it. However, he recently said it's growing on him, but he's still worried about the obvious David Beckham connection.

    So, I guess what I'm looking for is some sort of reassurance! I'm sure all of you in the UK have a very strong association with the name, but how about all you fellow Americans? I love the sound of the name and don't really care as we wouldn't actually be naming him after David Beckham.

    Give it to me straight!


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    My only association with the name is David and Victoria Beckham, and it's an extremely strong association. I am in California. In my honest opinion, I don't consider the name very usable for a first name. And if I met a baby Beckham, I'd assume without even asking that the baby was named after David Beckham because the parents were fans.
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    The David Beckham connection is very strong. I am from England but I believe that he is well known internationally. Have you ever considered Breckon/Breccan? Beckham would be okay if it were a well known surname and I know you are not actually naming him after David but I think the rest of the world will.
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    If you are ok with answering the question "Did you name him after David Beckham?" all the time then I would use it. If I love a name enough, I would use it regardless. I think it is cute!

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    It is a very strong association, but people are using the name, so.... Personally i prefer Beckett.
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