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    Create A Cookie-Cutter Street!

    I will begin with the family who live with the family who live at the end of the street, profiling the house, parents, children and pets.

    The next person should follow a similar format moving down the street.

    Family Name- McGloin

    House- A 7 bedroom modern home with art deco influences, endless fireplaces and outlandish proportions. The garden is simple yet elegant with manicured spherical yellow birch trees lining a wide path from the custom, artsy, zinc gates. The house is named as Ceatharlach.


    Parents- Eoin Joseph (22th Feb 2000) & Eimear Elizabeth (24th Feb 2000). Eoin is a consultant in management science and operations systems for a large multi-national while Eimear is a speech & language therapist.

    Children- Conall Hugh (4th Sept 2028). Conall has deep brown eyes, sallow skin and gently curled dark brown hair.
    Ruth Nora (20th July 2030). Ruth is similar to Conall but has hair to the bottom of her back.
    Eleanor Kate (20th July 2030). Eleanor also has brown eyes but has fair shoulder-length hair.
    Matthew Eoin (13th February 2032). Matthew has shorter hair than Conall and is a bit more boyish but otherwise they are very similar.
    Laura Catherine (4th February 2034). Laura has light brown hair and is naturally quite short with the deepest brown eyes of the family.

    Pets- 2 Dogs, Eddie (M) & Jewel (F). Both Maltese/Yorkies
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    Family Name: Anderson

    6 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a little under 4000 square feet. It's a modern-classic with dark hardwood floors and original crown moulding. It backs onto a little forest and has a small pool in the backyard, along with a garden.

    Parents: Lily Claire Anderson (b. 14 July 1974) and Samuel James Aldridge (b. 27 June 1974)

    Children: Hugo Oliver Aldridge (b. 1 February 1999, age 15)

    Isaac William Aldridge (b. 8 May 2001, age 13)

    Poppy Isabelle Aldridge (b. 9 May 2002, age 12)

    Hazel Elizabeth Aldridge (b. 5 June 2004, age 10)

    Penelope Olive Aldridge (b. 3 September 2007, age 6)

    Charlotte Lily Aldridge (b. 21 January 2009, age 5)

    Rose Bridget Aldridge (b. 16 July 2010, age 3)

    Theodore Miles Aldridge (b. 22 September 2011, age 2)

    Sebastian Henry Aldridge (b. 25 September 2012, age 20 mos.)

    Maisy Clementine Aldridge and Saide Juliet Aldridge (b. 9 November 2013, age 8 mos.)

    Pets: 2 dogs, Piper (Australian Shepherd) and Alex (Bernese Mountain Dog), 2 cats, Jodie and Watson (both Birmans)

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