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    Would Everly Jean work? Close to Avery but not the same...

    I adore Scout so I think the Scarlett with NN Scout would work but I would just use Scout on it's own.

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    I totally love Scout on its own too but think it takes a certain kind of girl to pull it off. Brynn totally could have rocked that name. She is spunky and cute, not too girly. I really feel like I need to give this baby #2 a more feminine name so I don't think we can just use Scout. I feel like I need to give her an out for when she's older or if she just turns out to not fit the name. BUT>….. I don't love Scarlett on its own so it feels kind of funny to name her Scarlett just to get the Scout. It's similar to naming her Colette just so I can call her Cole or Coco!

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    What about Brynn and Jade?

    Jade is feminine without needing the typical female endings, almost unisex (Jaden), has nature origins, very pretty and similiar in style but different in sound and spelling from Brynn.

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