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    I like the suggestions of Tessa and Juniper
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    Well I love all of the names in your original list so I probably won't be much help

    I don't think Colette is bad - I like the NN Coco but don't really like Colette Jean or Colette Marilyn.

    I definitely don't like Eliza - anything with liz makes me think of 'Les'bian. Yes - weird I know.

    It's funny because my friend has 3 girls and their names are Teagan, Sloane and Brynn so I think either of those choices are perfect!

    Avery Jean?

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    I love previously suggested Tessa as well.

    The first name that came to mind was Cheyenne. It's naturey, technically unisex but now almost always used for a girl-more femine.

    The only thing is Cheyenne Jean may be a little off.

    My other suggestion is Dakota-again, naturey, unisex, but the -a ending makes it feminine to me.

    Dakota Jean has a nice ring to it. I really like the name Jean, as well.

    Brynn & Cheyenne

    Brynn & Dakota

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    Ha! Great suggestions! Funny that your friend (cengel173) has daughters with three of the names on our original list! They definitely go well together.

    I totally love Avery Jean actually but our neighbor up the street has a daughter named Avery, and she plays with Brynn sometimes. I always automatically disqualify a name if I know anyone who has named their daughter that.

    But I do think Avery & Brynn sound like a great pair, and Avery Jean works well! I also kind of like Dakota but not feeling it for this baby.

    I realize I'm all over the board, but what about Harley? That name just came to me this morning too. Is that too masculine? I used to think of Harley Davidson when I heard that name, but it's striking me more as a cool, and even feminine girl's name: Harley Jean. And one more: What about Scarlett with the nickname Scout?


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    OK, never mind Harley. Just ran it by my hubby and he says "dog's name"

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